E-Portfolio Platform
for College Students

LiveText for Students

Your pursuit of higher education offers the chance to learn what’s possible for your future. LiveText will help you organize the past and future learning experiences of your journey and through reflection, you sharpen the skills needed to achieve your goals.

Course & File Management

Stay organized with your own workspace where everything is securely at your fingertips and stays with you even after you graduate.

  • Never miss an assignment. Due dates and instructor assessments are all right in front of you.
  • As-needed storage lets you upload and access all the work of your academic career, as long as you’re a LiveText member.
  • With LiveText, you are in control of your work and your data. Others see only what you submit or share with them.

With LiveText, you can connect with instructors, peers and assessors right from your computer or mobile device.

  • Get immediate feedback, coaching and mentoring.
  • Collaborate with groups for team-based work.
  • Learn how to learn using rubrics during self and peer assessment.

Develop multiple, customized, professional and personal portfolios with a variety of file types, including audio, video and images.

  • Track your growth and development of various skills.
  • Document all service learning, internship and field experiences outside the classroom.
  • Write reflective journals, projects, assignments and other web-based documents for all learning experiences.
  • Access thousands of standards-based videos, images and audio resources to enhance your projects.
  • Standard 5-year memberships for access to your work after graduation so that you may share work samples and e-Portfolios with potential employers