Educational Planning
& Management for College Administration

LiveText for Administration

Everything you learn from actionable insights reveals new possibilities and fresh goals. Just imagine what you will accomplish.

Planning & Assessment

Building a culture of assessment is not easy. It takes extensive planning and collaboration. LiveText’s Assessment Insight System™ helps you plan goals, assess progress, and evaluate and strengthen the quality of your institutional and program goals.

Data & Analytics

Data is only as valuable as the insights it provides. LiveText allows you to choose and report the data most important to you.


 Consulting & Implementation

Experts on our team and throughout the LiveText community will augment your expertise. We value that each institution is unique in important ways. We tailor our technologies and practices to help you get the most from your process and optimize your experience with LiveText.

Keeping Leaders at the Forefront

We invest in keeping those in the LiveText community at the forefront of contemporary thinking, practices and technologies. Participating institutions gather annually for our renowned annual Assessment Conference. Our leadership webinar series and selection of distinguished speakers at academic conferences, provide an open invitation for the broader academic community to engage in a dynamic, year-round dialogue.


LiveText integrates with Student Information Systems for easy uploading of course and student data. Our Single Sign-On technologies provide one-click, secure interoperability with leading Learning Management Systems and other applications institutions use, such as Turnitin®, Learn360®, and edTPA.


Learners track their experiences and choose components of their learning journey to effectively organize, supplement with multimedia, and share with others at any point. Easily assessed, our customizable e-Portfolios reflect the depth and breadth of the learning experience, wherever it takes place.

Field Experience Management

Mentors and supervisors play a vitally important role for your learners and fulfilling requirements. From placement requests and importing demographics, to performance assessment and data collection, it is all easily managed in LiveText.


In support of our community, LiveText is honored to partner and work with these organizations and services: