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Feedback and Technology for Learning

October 24, 2016

One of the most valuable contributions anyone can make to another person’s learning is constructive feedback. Feedback on performance, when effective, is widely considered to be integral to learning. People learn faster and more deeply when they know the strengths and weaknesses of their performances and, most importantly, actions to take to improve future performances. […]

Top 5 Challenges in Improving College and University Assessment

February 10, 2016

 Choosing meaningful assessments to  support your institution’s goals is an  important step toward driving  measurable change in student  outcomes. We’ve been fortunate to work with colleges and universities to implement our  Assessment Insight System™ (AIS™) in order to do just that. We’ve assisted our  partner institutions to identify and remove a number of barriers, better […]

Moving Beyond Compliance to Actionable Assessment Practices

January 22, 2016

We’ve all seen the headlines when an institution runs afoul of its accreditor. It isn’t pretty. The institution faces serious operational and reputational risk. The path back to good standing devours resources and distracts from the core educational mission. The importance of institutional compliance is undeniable. But can a strong focus on compliance actually detract institutions from […]