South Suburban College

LiveText assessment process saves 67 percent* of faculty time when compared to old process.


Institutional Profile

More than 17,000 students, on average, are enrolled at South Suburban College during a typical year. The College offers a wide selection of career education and college transfer credit programs. Additionally, South Suburban College’s Business & Career Institute offers non-credit customized training, short-term instruction for business, and dozens of special interest classes.

The College has a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. A variety of cultural events are sponsored by the College, including plays, comedy acts, special lectures, and concerts, adding to the richness of the performing arts in the south suburbs.

In the future, SSC will continue to provide educational opportunities to the community in traditional areas, as well as in new and emerging fields. Through our distance learning endeavors we hope to be able to reach tomorrow’s student in even more exciting ways.

Key Challenges

To assess student learning across the entire college, the SSC assessment committee developed a series of rubrics aligned with its institutional learning outcomes. Since fall of 2009, each faculty member received an emailed Excel Assessment Scoring Template at the beginning of the semester. Faculty members typed in the general course information, each student’s name and ID number, and the results of the rubric.

Upon completing the scoring guide, faculty emailed a copy of the scoring guide to the department chair. The department consolidated scores into a master department form. The department chair then emailed the consolidated master form to the Institutional Assessment Coordinator. The Institutional Assessment Coordinator reviewed the data and emailed it to the Director of Institutional Research who further consolidated the department forms to create institutional assessment reports. In May 2010, SSC implemented LiveText as their new assessment system.


To demonstrate time efficiencies to faculty, a comparison time test between the current solution and new assessment processes was administered.

The results of the study do not include the time eliminated by department chairs and administrators who no longer needed to consolidate spreadsheets, clean up data, and merge demographic data. The data is entered directly into LiveText by the faculty, so reports are readily available

Faculty Time Savings and Accuracy

FacultyExcel TestData ErrorsLiveText TestData Errors
Faculty 113:15 *18:590
Faculty 221:1705:590
Faculty 315:2225:090
Faculty 423:063 **4:480
Faculty 523:4029 ***6:330

* Faculty handwrote results into the excel spreadsheet
** Faculty missed typing in and scoring a student.
*** Faculty did not indicate the course number for each student

“LiveText made it easy for us to implement a flexible and systematic approach to our assessment process. We are now making data-driven decisions to strengthen curriculum and continuously improve instruction for our students. Best of all, their knowledge and support services allowed us to implement in only a few months.”

Diane Ostojic, D. A.
Vice President, Academic Services
South Suburban College