Brandman University

Assessing Learning in a Hybrid/Online Multi-campus Educational Environment


Institutional  Profile

Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System, is a private, WASC-accredited, nonprofit institution serving the needs of working adults since 1958. Brandman offers over 50 bachelor’s, master’s and certificate programs in a blended format, combining online and blended in-class instruction at 26 campuses in California and Washington. Brandman boasts the second largest private university teacher credentialing program in California.

Key Challenges

With multiple campuses and a variety of brick-and-mortar and online programs, Brandman University’s School of Education required a sustainable strategy to collect and centralize student assessment data more eciently in order to provide evidence of learning for multiple national, regional, and specialized accreditation bodies.

Before LiveText, the School of Education merely gathered samples of student learning data but administrators realized that 100% of student learning assessment data was needed to provide a more accurate picture for opportunities for improvement. The University needed both formative and summative assessment data that could be disaggregated by program, campus, delivery mode (hybrid vs. online), and point in time.

This data also needed to be captured and housed securely and easily so that the institution could generate multiple customized reports for various accrediting bodies.


Brandman chose LiveText for its comprehensive assessment solution and its ease of use. Hundreds of faculty and thousands of students in different geographical areas and online were able to purchase, register, log in and learn how to use LiveText with minimal effort.

Faculty and the administrators were also able to generate wide variety of course and program level data reports that could be used for continued course, curriculum, and program improvement. Such reports included data on Signature Assignments for Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), Teacher Performance Expectations, California Teacher Performance Assessments, Fieldwork, Student Dispositions, and Demonstration of Mastery.

LiveText’s integrated Field Experience Management module has also allowed Brandman to centralize, administer, and track its student teacher placements within its network of more than 500 schools, ensuring that student’s backgrounds are always matched with an appropriate school. Moreover, it provides a single share workspace for the students, mentors and university supervisors for sharing work samples, recording hours and completing assessments from one page. Finally, Brandman administration values that LiveText incurs all data housing and server management costs which in and of itself can be a massive ongoing expenditure for any university.

“Brandman’s School of Education multi-campus environment, numerous program offerings, hybrid and online delivery modes, and numerous accrediting body requirements makes the challenge of gathering robust and relevant data even more complex. The use of LiveText has transformed our assessment process into an integrated system which provides our students with rapid feedback, and our faculty and administration with invaluable data to provide faster student support and influences important curricular changes to maximize student learning.”

Dr. Christine Zeppos
Dean of the School of Education
Brandman University