For Administrators

Assess Effectively

Who knows your needs better than your university peers. LiveText enlisted the feedback of over 10,000 professors and 20 distinguished faculty members from institutions nationwide in the development and testing of the learning assessment tool suite.

Course Control

  • With a streamlined workspace that reduces course preparation time and provides complete course rosters, LiveText allows faculty members to author documents, organize and deliver course content more effectively, communicate with students more efficiently, assess and manage grades, and align standards with learning outcomes.
  • Manage course-based activity through templates and materials that can be reused for other courses in the same or other academic terms.

Assessment Management

  • Directly and indirectly evaluate student-learning outcomes, course and program objectives, and institutional mission and goals.
  • Connect to students to communicate feedback, coaching, and mentoring for improvement.
  • Easily track goals with custom rubrics, surveys, and course evaluations.
  • Access assessment data instantly to reflect on student learning, course, and curriculum improvement.

Powerful Reporting

  • Create comprehensive, clear reports that visibly reflect the assessment process and assist in making meaningful course improvements.
  • Generate individual and aggregated reports on student progress and the meeting of outcomes and standards.

Professional e-Portfolio Development

  • Create and maintain professional and personal e-Portfolios to showcase scholarly work, service to the institution, and professional achievements.
  • Upload, store, and attach various files to LiveText documents or e-Portfolios using the personal File Manager. Files uploaded are automatically saved.

Single Sign-On

Our Single Sign-On technology provides students, faculty and administrators one-click access to multiple applications and leading learning management systems including Desire2Learn (D2L), Blackboard™ and Moodle™.

Student Information Systems

We provide seamless use between LiveText and any Student Information System, including Datatel, Jenzabar, Oracle's PeopleSoft, and Sungard's Banner. Upload complete catalog, demographic profile, and roster imports into LiveText and eliminate the need to manage separate databases. We also have the ability to perform custom integrations.

Multimedia Integration

Augment instruction by searching, viewing, and showing Learn360® multimedia video, image, and audio resources within LiveText.

See what faculty users have to say.

"LiveText's powerful and extensive array of digital tools equips us well to fully engage our candidates and faculty in creating an innovative, 21st-century, collaborative learning community. We use these tools to enhance our candidates' learning outcomes; to monitor their progress; to support continuous program and unit quality improvement; and to generate, maintain, and display data vital to continuing program approval and unit accreditation.

LiveText provides all the tools our students need to create comprehensive, multi-document e-Portfolios, demonstrating standards-based performance as they proceed through our programs..."

Dr. Lance J. Tomei
Director for Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Management
University of Central Florida

"We are using the data to help us know not only about our students' achievements, but also the effectiveness of our curriculum. It's not just about accreditation, it's about making sure that we have a solid curriculum, dependent upon solid assessment and making sure that we're engaging in the reflective practice that we expect our students to do."

Dr. Virginia Hines
Associate Professor
Ferris State University

"We have used C1 for over a year. It makes it so easy for our faculty to do what they need to measure student learning by allowing us to organize our assessment process by the way we teach. The process is so manageable since we adopted new LiveText."

Dr. Richard Oates
Associate Dean
North Georgia College and State University