by Connie Sexton

Kindergarten Math/ American Flag


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date: July 2005

Subject: Math

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Signature of Classroom Teacher: Connie Sexton



Explore and create patterns using objects and pictures.
Compare numbers and sets of objects



Using the American Flag as a model, the students will reproduce the pattern of the stripes using construction paper strips.  (Optional: Use red and white jelly beans)

Students will categorize by counting the number of red strips, white strips, and the number of red and white strips.

Students will identify pattern presented by teacher, and create their own pattern to match using pattern blocks.

Alternate Activity:With pattern blocks, students will identify triangles and squares.  (Optional: One Pentagon- (5-sided) and 5 triangles)

Introductory Activities

Teacher will use American Flag, real size, to present the lesson. 

Teacher will demonstrate how the flag has a pattern by using color, red and white.

Teacher will demonstrate other examples of pattern using colored chalk on the board.


Developmental Activities

Students will use construction strips(red and white) and /or jelly beans to duplicate the strips on the flag, realizing the pattern of red, white, red, white, red....)

Culminating Activities

Students will create their own pattern using two different objects. (First, direct students to an ABABAB pattern; however, then, let your students who understand design a different pattern.)

  (Possible objects: 2 different colored jelly beans, 2 different colored pieces of construction paper, or even 2 different shapes using the foam pattern blocks)


Alternate Activities

*Teacher will review the shape of triangle, and point out on the flag that a perfect star would be made up of five triangles. (Break this down with the students using overhead transparency blocks)


Teacher will monitor and provide assistance if needed. (Individual scaffold instruction)

Teacher could use other examples to expand on the idea of a pattern(ABAB) using various objects.

*Students could also practice counting and writing/ categorizing their numbers.


American Flag

*choose one:  construction strips, jelly beans, / *pattern blocks

Pencil and lined paper 


Self-Evaluation of lesson

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