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Make your Videos 1000 kbps (typical Internet upload speed)

The one-page Video Made Easy sheet (attached) below in DOCX and PDF tells how to know the kbps of your video, and then it gives you 5 quick and easy ways to make any video 1000 kbps in just a few minutes:

Choose one method:
   Way #1: Any Video Converter Free
                (quick; easy, can compress multiple files at once, accepts VOD)
   Way #2: Handbrake (quick, easy)
   Way #3: Windows Live Movie Maker (reasonably quick, often already installed)
   Way #4: iMovie (pre-installed but longer conversion time, larger resulting file, longer upload time vs. Way #1, #2, #3)
   Way #5: QuickTime Player (especially easy on Mac; pre-installed on Mac/ free download for PC; reasonably quick)
                 Mac: Select File > Export. Revise name. Select 480p. Click Export button.

Each way has step by step what to click, choose, do. None are difficult. Please skip no steps, clicks, or settings.