by Neal McBride

CBU Comprehensive University Plan (CUP)



WELCOME to the CUP!  The California Baptist University (CBU) Comprehensive University Plan (CUP) is published online and is a "snapshot" of the strategic planning process at the time it is viewed.  In practice, strategic planning at CBU is a dynamic and constant activity. 

Details guiding strategic planning at CBU are explained in the document titled, Strategic Planning User's Handbook and Guidelines; available by clicking on the attachment below (see "Attachments" below). 

This CUP document contains 1) this Introduction, 2) the Foundational Plan, 3) a Situation Analysis, 4) University-Level Performance Indicators, 5) CBU's Strategic Goals, 6) the University Strategic Goals Archives, and 7)  links to the Strategic Goals for each CBU division.  The content or "pages" are listed in the Table of Contents panel on the left.  You may access the pages by clicking on any of the page titles or simply scrolling down to the section you want. 




 "The primary purpose of this corporation is to conduct regular four-year college courses in education, music, sciences and the liberal arts, and to grant certificates, diplomas and any and all degrees evidencing completion of any course or training, together with any and all honorary degrees and to provide training for Baptist youth and others desiring to be affiliated with Baptist theology and theological instruction and such other instruction as may be needful and advantageous in preparing and qualifying ministers and other for Christian work."   Articles of Incorporation of the California Baptist College, 1954.


The University of the California Southern Baptist Convention.  It is a private, non-profit, religious corporation in Riverside, California.  The University provides skilled professionals, thinking citizens and educated persons to make substantial contributions to the cause of Christ throughout the world.


The vision of the University is the future perspective that advances the content, character, and commitment of the University as the distinctive and integrate way it preceives and responds to the world.  The vision seeks a future that all people associated with the University may share, and give priority to the personal growth and professional development of people.

THE VISION: A university committed to the Great Commission


1.  Campus Culture:  To enhance a campus culture that supports an evangelical Christian worldview.

2.  California Southern Baptist Convention:  To help California Southern Baptists Identify with the University.

3.  Finance:  To use sound management practices which produce positive stewardship performance.

4.  Academic:  To provide high quality educational and vocational preparation which results in wisdom, practical application, and spiritual contribution to the developing society.

5.  Institutional Status:  To develop a resource base to support a university committed to the Great Commission.

6.  Image:  To be seen as a high quality, comprehensive Christian university.

7.  Enrollment:  To increase enrollment so that by the year 2020, 8080 students are in attendance.


California Baptist University desires that each student acquire certain knowledge, skills, values, and aspirations during their collegiate experience.  The University seeks to provide academic programs that prepare students for professional careers, as well as co-curricular programs that foster an environment supporting the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development of each student.  Within these student-experience arenas the University, through its faculty and administration, has identified desirable and reflective student outcomes it seeks to instill in the lives of CBU students.

Upon completing a degree program at California Baptist Univerwsity, each student shall be:

Biblically Rooted

  • Demonstrate spiritual literacy, including Biblical Christian faith and practice, Baptist perspectives, and the Chrisitian's role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Globally Minded

  • Respect diverse religious, cultural, philsophical, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives.

Academically Prepared

  • Use critical thinking skills to demonstrate literacy, listening, speaking, writing, reading, viewing, and visual representing.
  • Demonstrate competence in mathematical, scientific, and technological skills.

Equipped to Serve

  • Transfer academic studies to a profession and the workplace.
  • Implement a personal and social ethic that results in informed participation in multiple levels of community.


 Environmental assumptions are the major "facts" driving change in the University, as identified by Executive Council during the most recent planning/budgeting cycle.

1.  Economy

  • The global economy significantly impacts the Inland Empire.
  • World, national, state, and regional economies may continue to experience instability.
  • The restructuring of America (et. al.) impacts many aspects of university life.
  • California population mix provides challenges and opportunities.

2.  Competition

  • Competition for students in the Inland Empire will continue.
  • University competitors are very attractive to our prospective enrollees.
  • Potential enrollees find California Baptist University attractive (programs and "curb appeal").
  • Disruptive players are making inroads in the traditional student market.

3.  Higher Education

  • The location of CBU on the Pacific Rim orients the University westward.
  • Current higher education trends are becoming increasingly uncertain and unpredictable.
  • The Higher Education Act, as reauthorized in 2014, has the potential to alter the Higher Education landscape.

4.  Finance

  • Accountability by external agencies and constituencies is becoming more onerous.
  • Roughly 97% of revenues come from student charges.
  • Limited ability to raise student charges continues for the foreseeable future.
  • Financial institutions struggle to finance long and short-term debt.
  • Our students continue to be dependent on financial aid.

5.  Internal

  • University management continues to experience restructuring.
  • A catastrophic event will not occur.
  • Attitudes of CBU stakeholders and constituents remain positive.
  • The culture of CBU allows the chosen course of action to succeed.
  • Data and reports are available, accurate, and timely for executive decision making.
  • CBU is enrollment driven.
  • The University is positioned to be a value-added institution.
  • California Southern Baptist Convention is declining significantly.
  • Graduate/non-traditional and traditional undergraduate programs are increasing at different rates. 



CBU Situation Analysis / SWOT

 Click on the attachment link provided below to access CBU's the most current situation analysis using a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) approach.




Click on the attachment link shown below to access CBU's most recent performance indicators (actuals).




Current University Strategic Goals

The table shown below presents CBU's top 25-30 strategic goals, as identified by the President's Executive Council.   The Council meets at least three times per year to add, drop, re-rank or in some other way adjust the goals to meet the University's Mission (but this process may occur more frequently).  The Board of Trustees approves the strategic goals on an annual basis.

         Last Updated: 20 May  2016
Strategic Goal
Date Added
to List
Estimated Cost to
1  Construct Events Center U001-FA 2 Oct 2014 Apr 2017 $77M
2  Construct College of Engineering Building U002-AA 6 Dec 2012 Jul 2018 $60M
3  Complete Phase II of the Health Science campus U003-FA 5 Dec 2012 Aug 2016 $9M
4  Develop Call Center for Admissions U004-SS 4 Jan 2016 Jan 2017 $150K
5  Complete additional surface parking U005-SS 2 Oct 2014 Aug 2016 $3M
6  Increase inquiries (both TRAD and GRAD) by five percent U006-MC 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2016 $900K
7  Increase overall international student enrollment to 300 students FTE U007-GI 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2016 $179K
8  Complete College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design transitional space U008-AA 22 Aug 2013 Aug 2016 $1.5M
 Rebuild CBU edu site to strengthen "live your purpose" brand; improve ability to engage with mobile                                                     
 visitors and its ability to convert visitors from all sources
U009-MC 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2016 $75K
10  Purchase lead-generation software for Graduate Admissions U010-SS 4 Jan 2016 Aug 2016 $18K per
11  Purchase Raiser's Edge software U011-UA 4 Jan 2016 Jul 2017 $250K
12  Increase cash reserves by $9M during the 2016-2017 fiscal year U012-FA 2 Oct 2014 Jun 2017 $9M
13  Increase conversion rate accepted student enrollment for international grad students U013-GI 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2016  
14  Increase social media following by 10% U014-MC 4 Jan 2016 Jun 2017 $50K
15  Launch OPS doctoral program in business administration - Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) U015-OP 4 Jan 2016 Aug 2016  
16  Develop 4-year plan for classroom technology U016-OP 4 Jan 2016 Jan 2017  
17  Replace current analogue security camera system U017-OP 4 Jan 2016 May 2017 $150K
18  Assess and develop document management process and best practices U028-OP 2 Oct 2014 Dec 2016  
19  Update James, Yeager, and Mission Hall classrooms -- including James elevator UA019AA 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2017 $500K
20  New Library addition - Study Pavilion U020-AA 12 Nov 2012 Sep 2020 $12M
21  Pool deck replacement U021-SS 4 Jan 2016 Jun 2017 $800K
22  Increase the number of international high school campers by 250 U022-GI 4 Jan 2016 Aug 2016  
23  Create awareness and positive perception about CBU among California -Southern Baptists U023-MC 4 Jan 2016   $20K
24  Launch OPS BA in Human Services U024-OP 4 Jan 2016 Jan 2018  
25  Launch OPS Master of Science in Human Services U025-OP 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2018  
26  Launch Physician Assistant master's program (M.S.) U026-AA 2 Oct 2014 Sep 2016 $2.5M
27  Launch doctoral program in Health Science - Doctor of Heath Science (DHS) U027-AA 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2018 $1M
28  Launch doctoral program in Physical Therapy - Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) U028-AA 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2019 $6M
29  Launch doctoral program in Occupational Therapy - Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) U029-AA 4 Jan 2016 Sep 2020 $1M
30  Increase job placement rate for OPT from 44 to 50% UA030-GI 4 Jan 2016    
31  Complete the new Lancer Plaza entry U031-FA 6 Dec 2012 Jun 2018 $7M
32  New soccer stadium U032-SS 22 Aug 2013 Aug 2020 $14M


University Strategic Goals - Archives

The table shown below lists the the University Strategic Goals completed or suspended since March 2013.   

         Last Updated: 3 October 2014
Completed Strategic Goals
Past University
Date Archived
or Suspended
Estimated Cost
 to Complete
1  New CBU website including campus-wide events calendar U009-MC001 12 Mar 2013 Completed $100K
2  Modify food service agreement U012-FA009 12 Mar 2013  Completed  
3  Complete three micro-biology labs and one chemistry lab U004-AA003 19 Aug 2013 Completed $1.8M
4  Launch Aviation Flight bachelor's degree program U015-AA005 19 Aug 2013 Completed  
5  Launch Aviation Management bachelor's degree program U016-AA006 19 Aug 2013 Completed  
6  Launch BS in Chemical Engineering program U0017-AA007 19 Aug 2013 Completed  
7  Launch Master of Architecture program U020-AA011 19 Aug 2013 Completed  
8  Launch OPS BA in Marketing program U018-OP027 22 Aug 2013 Completed  
9  Launch OPS BS in Computer Information Technology U019-OP022 22 Aug 2013 Completed  
10  Launch OPS BA in Graphic Design and Digital Media U020-OP023 22 Aug 2013 Completed  
11  Enrollment focused marketing initiaties U007-MC001 6 Dec 2013 Completed  
12  Complete advertising media plan U008-MC002, 003 6 Dec 2013 Completed $500K
13  Establish one card system (Phase I) U011-SS004 6 Dec 2013 Completed  
14  Add additional parking (Phase I) U010-FA105 6 Dec 2013 Completed  
15  Complete School of Nursing remodel/addition U002-AA001 2 Oct 2014 Completed $7M
16  Secure addition student housing - The Point U005-FA014 2 Oct 2014 Completed $22M
17  Increase cash reserves U006-FA001 2 Oct 2014 Completed $9M
18  Add one additional biology lab and one chemistry lab U007-AA001 2 Oct 2014 Completed $1.6M
19  Establish new international programs that result in an incoming class of 300 international students U008-GI001 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
20  Complete network infrastructure deployment U009-OP016 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
21  Complete additional parking U010-FA015 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
22  Complete one card system (Phase II) U011-SS004 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
23  Add additional Food Service Venues - two added U013 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
24  Meet Institutional Advancement fuinding goals for FY14 ($10M) U015 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
25  Increase social media following by 20% U017-MC008 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
26  Explore campus-wide digital signage system in collaboration with ITS U019-MC004 2 Oct 2014 Completed $10K
27  Establish English camp programs for 100 international students U021-GI004 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
28  Launch OPS MA in Communication program U023-OP024 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
29  Launch OPS Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) program U024- OP037 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
30  Launch OPS M.S. in Accountancy U025-OPXX 2 Oct 2014 Completed  
31  220 international students enrolled Fall 2015 (238 enrolled) U002-GI001 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
32  Begin occupying Health Science Campus U006-AA001 5 Jan 2016 Completed $14M
33  Increase cash reserves; 2015-14 fiscal year U008-FA001 5 Jan 2016 Not completed  
34  Complete on-card system (Phase III) U012-SS004 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
35  Establish English Camp Programs for over 500 international students U015-GI004 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
36  Vendor review and selection for OPS document management system solutions U017-OP016 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
37  Launch M.S. in Civil Engineering -  Environmental U019-AA022 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
38  Launch B.S. in Video Gaming U020-AA027 5 Jan 2016 Suspended  
39  Launch OPS Master of Public Health Administration (MPHAdm) U021-OP009A 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
40  Launch OPS B.S. in Public Health U022-OP009C 5 Jan 2016 Completed  
41  Increas cash reserves by $9M during the 2015-16 fiscal year U014-FA 20 May 2016 Completed  
42  Increas social media following by 10% U016-MC 2 May 2016 Completed  



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Institutional Advancement


Finance and Administration



Global Initiatives