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LiveText Instructional Video Playlist for Students

Who to call for support/technical issues

Contact Information for LiveText Issues

Supported Internet Browsers
In order to maximize the use of LiveText, use one of the following web browsers:

  • Indicates preferred browser.
    ** While all tools in the LiveText suite are compatible with Safari, some document formatting capabilities are limited.


ASU LiveText Support: 

(For any issues below, contact email or call Ms. Wilson or 
Mrs. Anderson)

  • Forgot Username (not password)
  • Missing courses in your LiveText account

Faculty Responsibility:

  • Creating/posting assignments
  • Grade assignments
  • Add course content

ASU LiveText Contacts (for the above):

Ms. Kayla Wilson, 229-430-1991,

Ms. Bonnie Anderson, 229-430-4685,

Campus Location: ACAD 252

LiveText Direct Technical Support:

Assistance with any technical issues related to using LiveText such as:

  • Uploading videos or embed videos
  • How to do something (post assignment, attach assignment, attach file)
  • Errors of any kind while in LiveText
Phone: 1-866-LiveText (1-866-548-3839)