by Binda School of Education

Todd Harshberger Electronic Portfolio

Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to My Portfolio

I would like to take a brief moment to welcome you to my portfolio. My name is Todd Harshberger. I have just completed my Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education with a major in Social Studies from The Robert B. Miller College. I am currently Michigan state certified in Elementary Education and Social Studies. My hope is that you find this document useful when considerating me as a potential teacher candidate for your school district.


The purpose of this portfolio is to highlight my academic accomplishments and to provide evidence of personal progress toward goals, the mission of Miller College, the Binda School of Education Learner Outcomes, and the Michigan Department of Education standards. The way I have chosen to accomplish this is through my lesson plan designs, formative and summative assessments, videos, research papers, and personal reflection of my growth in the field of teaching. This portfolio will also provide evidence of progress monitoring of students throughout my student teaching experience.