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Division of Academic Affairs Strategic Goals

Mission Statement

Division of Academic Affairs Mission

The Mission of the Division of Academic Affairs is directing the Educational Programs of the University, assisting the professional schools and the academic departments in attaining specific organizational goals, and promoting the professional and personal development of each member of the faculty.  Academic Affairs also assists students in developing academic responsibility, and clarifies and enforces graduation requirements and academic policy.

Division Strategic Goals

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DIVISION - STRATEGIC GOALS (See attachment for two-letter identifiers used in "Divison Ranking")

  Strategic Goals -- Division of Academic Affairs                                                                                                                             Last Update: November 28, 2015
  Strategic Goal
Added to
Cost to
  1  New Engineering building  AA001-EN001    5 Dec 12  Jul 2017  A. Donaldson  $40M
  2  Renovate RCS campus for Health Sciences AA003-VP002    14 Jul 14 Aug 2016  D. Pearson  $14M
  3  New Library Addition / study pavilion  AA003-LB001    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  S. Emerson  $10M
  4  Secure CAVAD transitional space  AA004-AR    14 Jul 14  Aug 2016  T. Ward  $300K
  5  Update classrooms in James, Yeager, and Mission Hall  AA005-VP    28 Nov 15  Aug 2017  T. Ward  $1M
  6  Great Commission Classroom Bldg  AA006-VP    14 Jul 14  Aug 2016  T. Ward  $8M
7  General Education Implementation  AA007-VP004    14 Jul 14  Aug 2016  D. Jacobs  
8  Implement comprehensive student retention plan  AA008-AC001    12 Nov 12 Sep 2016  J. Barnes  
9  Launch Physician Assistant master's program (M.S.)  AA009-AH001    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  A. Bedashi  
10  Launch MSW Program  AA010-BS    28 Nov 15  Aug 2017  J. Gustafson  
11  Launch BS Entrepreneurship   AA011-BU    28 Nov 15  Aug 2016  S. Strombeck  
12  Increase MBA to 150 students  AA012-BU    28 Nov 15  Aug 2016  S. Strombeck  
 Formalize student internship programs for all Academic Affairs programs,
 including designing and implementing supervisor training
 AA010-VP002/CM003    19 Aug 13  Aug 2016  D. Jacobs  
14 vLaunch ADN to MSN-CNL program  AA013-NU004    2 Nov 12  Aug 2015  R. Meyer  
15  Launch Communications Disorders master's (M.S.)  AA015-AH004    12 Nov 12  Aug 2015  D. Pearson; C. Vickers  
16  Launch BS in Radiology Sciences  AA016-HS   5 Dec 12  Aug 2016  M. DeHero  
 17  Implement a seven-year faculty development plan  AA017-VP    12 Nov 12  Aug 2015  D. Jacobs  
 18  Launch occupational therapy master's program (M.S.)  AA018-AH017    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  W. Fletcher, C. Sands  
 Complete feasibility study for BS Petroleum Engineering or Energy Resources Engineering,
 and BS Industrial Engineering
 AA019-EN004    19 Aug 13  Aug 2015  A. Donaldson, Anklam, Zhou  
 20  Launch Nutrition and Food Sciences master's program (M.S.)  AA020-HS007    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  M. Barth  
 21   Launch Physical Therapy Assistant bachelor's degree  AA021-AH024    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  W. Fletcher  
 22  Launch MS in CE (Environmental)  AA022-EN011    5 Dec 12  Aug 2015  H. Jung  
 23  Improve Interface between LiveText, Blackboard, and CX  AA023-VP    12 Nov 12  Aug 2016  K. Castillo  $30K
 24  Dedicated lab space for faculty/student research  AA024-AS    12 Nov 12  Aug 2017  L. Hernandez  $300K
 25  Launch MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology  AA025-BS    14 Jul 14  Aug 2016  J. Gustafson  
 26  Launch MS in Technology Innovation (with MBA and MA in Leadership)  AA026-EN010    5 Dec 12  Aug 2017  A. Donaldson  $20K
 27  Launch credential program in Speech Pathology  AA027-ED    14 Jul 14  Aug 2016  J. Shoup  
 28  Start Ph.D. in Engineering Education  AA028-EN017     5 Dec 12  Aug 2016  A. Donaldson  
 29  AABI Accreditation for Aviation programs  AA029-AS10    14 Jul 14  Aug 2017  D. Prather  
 30  Redesign the School of Behavioral Sciences into a college structure with departments   AA031-BS004    28 Nov 12  Aug 2016  J. Gustafson  
 31  Implement single subject matter programs in science, English, Spanish  AA030-ED005    14 Jul 12  Aug 2016  J. Shoup  

Division of Academic Affairs - Archives

Completed or Suspended Academic Affairs Strategic Goals

Last Update: August 20, 2013
Academic Affairs Completed or Suspendeded Strategic Goals
University or
Division Ranking
Completed or
Cost to
 Identify and train an Associate ALO for TRAD  AA020  24 June 2013  Completed  $20K
 Acquire TI and nursing Facilities for Engineering use  AA030  24 June 2013  Suspended  
 Complete building three microbiology labs and one chemistry lab  AA002-AP002  19 Aug 2013  Completed  $1.8M
 Acquire space for Academic Success Center  AA003-AC002  19 Aug 2013  Completed  $100K
 Launch Aviation Flight bachelor's degree  AA004-AS001  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Launch Aviation Management bachelor's degree  AA005-AS002  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Launch BS Chemical Engineering program  AA006-EN003  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Launch BS Software Engineering program  AA007-EN004  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Lauch Master of Architecture program  AA010-AR001  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Launch redesigned MBA  AA014-BU001  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Complete seven-year faculty development plan  AA022-VP001  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 New 3D art studio  AA024-AR007  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Launch Global Community Science bachelor's degree  AA038-AS004  19 Aug 2013  Completed  
 Implement MA program with Tianjin Academy (China)  AA039-ED003  19 Aug 2013  Suspended  
 Launch Licensed Professional Counselor master's program  AA046-ED006  19 Aug 2013  Suspended  
 New/renovated building for the School of Nursing  AA001-AP001  14 Aug 2014  Completed  
 Add one biology lab  AA003-AP003  14 Aug 2014  Completed  $800K
 Epand scheduling options for TRAD courses (hybrid, evening) for another 80 sections  AA005-VP003  14 Aug 2014  Completed  
 Acquire centralized office space for Registrar's Office  AA006-VP001  14 Aug 2014  Completed  $200K
 Lease 5000 sqft in Adams Business Park for Engineering  AA008-EN013  14 Aug 2014  Completed  
 General Education Revision  AA010-VP004  15 Jan 2014  Completed  
 Launch BS Biomedical Engineering program  AA012-EN005   Fall 2013  Completed  
 Provide high quality sound equipment and support systems for music performers  AA016-MU007  14 July 2014  Suspended  
 Launch Master of Public Health Program (MPH)  AA021-AH  14 Aug 2014  Completed  
 Affiliate with Riverside Life Services for student nursing clinicals and faculty clinical pratice  AA026-NU003  Spring 2014  Completed  
 Implement new travel management policy and system  AA017-AP003  14 Jul 2014  Suspended  
 Begin iTunes relationship for all CBU music releases  AA029-MU009  14 Jul 2014  Suspended  
 Launch Child Life Education bachelor's program  AA041-AH003  14 Jul 2014  Suspended  
 Open New Early Childhood Studies Learning Center  AA045-ED010  14 Jul 2014  Suspended  
 Launch Licensed Professional Counselor master's program  AA046-ED006  14 Jul 2014  Suspended  
 Launch Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program  AA011-VP007  28 Nov 2015  Completed  
 New renovated film studio.screening room  AA019-AR007  28 Nov 2015  Suspended  
 Launch B.S. in Health Information Management  AA020-HS23  28 Nov 2015  Suspended  
 Capture remaining "Bule Building" space for Engineering  AA024-EN012  28 Nov 2015  Completed  $200K
 ACCE accreditation for Construction Management  AA025-EN009  28 Nov 2015  Completed  
 Create a Center for Technology Innovation  AA026-EN008  28 Nov 2015  Suspended  
 Launch BS in Gaming  AA027-AR004  28 Nov 2015  Suspended  
 Launch an Associate's Degree in Health Science  AA029-HS003  28 Nov 2015  Completed  
 Secure ABET accreditation for BS ChE, BS SwE, BS CE  AA033-EN016-019  28 Nov 2015  Completed  
 Launch Broadcasting/TV bachelor's degree  AA035-AS002  28 Nov 2015  Suspended  
 Complete self0study and reaffirmation of SoB's ACBSP Accreditation  AA037-BU004  28 Nov 2015  Completed