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1 - Assessment Program History (2012 to Present)

1 - Welcome and Introduction Page

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the California Baptist University Assessment Program Portfolio.  This document introduces you to what assessment means at California Baptist University (CBU), how the University assessment program is conducted, the assessment results achieved to date, and how the program is used to continuously improve student learning.  This document records CBU assessment results and reports starting with the 2012-2013 academic year.  Prior years' assessment reports and information are available in a similar document available by clicking Here.  The on-going update of this ePortfolio continues primarily in Summer months following completed Annual Assessment Reports.    

The panel on the left of your screen is the Table of Contents for this entire document.  It shows you the various "pages" the document contains.  Each page also contains several sub-categories referred to as sections.  Listed below are brief descriptions for each page and their subordinate sections to assist you in accessing the document portions you want to review.     

     a.  Welcome and Introduction  

     b.  Overview of Assessment at CBU provides information on the "philosophy" of assessment at California Baptist University.

     c.  Assessment Planning presents:

  • Assessment Policy and Procedures provides guidance for all Colleges, Schools, and Departments on how to conduct their annual Assessment activities.  Included in this section are guidelines, timelines, and descriptions of the required Overall Plan (OPlan), Annual Assessment Plan (APlan) and the Yearly Assessment Report (YReport), as well as a brief discussion of the required Program Review process.  
  • Glossary of key terms followed by three attachments: University Strategic Planning Information, a graphic representation of the assessment process at CBU, and the Program Review handbook.
  • Assessmet Handbook
  • Information on the University Assessment Committee, including past and current meeting minutes.

     d.  Longitudinal Review presents a historical review of the Student Learning Outcomes assessment process as well as some brief comments.  Included on this page are a Brief Look Across Time, CBU Program Review: A Historical Look, Academic Year University Assessment Activities, and Where Do We Go From here?

     e.  CURRENT Reports contains the Assessment Reports Sections, arranged by Schools and Colleges.  This is the largest part of this document and where you can discover individual School, College, and Department reports on the results of their annual assessment activities and improvement plans base on these results.  Each individual report is a multi-year portfolio consisting of Primary Documents (Mission Statement, Curriculum Map and Overall Assessment Plan) and Yearly Documents (Annual Assessment Plan and Yearly Assessment Report).  The Primary Documents page for each unit is relatively static, but may undergo editing based on yearly assessment results.  The Yearly Documents pages are where the "multi-year" aspect of the document is visible.  Each program develops the required yearly documents-- an Annual Assessment Plan (APlan) and Yearly Assessment Report (YReport) for each year, providng a longitudinal view of the program's assessment activities, progress, and results. 

     f.   Standards provides a table showing the "cross-over" relationships between the CBU University Student Outcomes (USOs), the reduction of the USOs termed the University "Core Four" and the WSCUC Core Competencies.