by Randy Smith

4th Grade Test Taking and Study Skills Web Quest


Test Taking Plan

Welcome to another great year at Sand Rock School. Changes are everywhere in 4th grade. Lockers, new building, two of your three teachers are men, changing classes every 90 minutes, and walking the long covered sidewalk to lunch and library are just a few of the changes that 4th Grade will bring to your lives. Rookie 4th Graders come to school every year with the same basic questions. One question that students have every year is when and what kind of test will I have to take this year. Parents number one question each year is, "How will my child get their points for their grade, and how can I help my child to do their best on each test they must take"?      

Testing is a very important part of the 4th grade curriculum. Fourth graders work hard all year to get prepared to take the SAT 10 (Stanford Achievement Test) and the ARMT (Alabama Reading and Math Test). Fourth graders will take three math test at the end of every 5 lessons. More specifically, a folder test, vocabulary test and a regular math test. These three test will be used for determining the four nine week grading period averages.

The key to scuccess in 4th grade math is very simple, "COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS". Work every problem in every practice set and problem set. Do not skip problems. With honest effort, every 4th grader will experience success and true learning that will serve them well in the future. Mr. Smith's goal this year, is to make sure that every 4th grade math student understands how to prepare themselves to make the best grade possible on every test given during their 4th grade year.

What you (Mr. Smith's 4th grade students) will do is develop a test taking plan, so that when you have to take a test, you can relax and give it your best effort. Taking a test is a skill that must be learned. In order to get better at taking a test, each 4th grade math student must go on to the Task Section or click here, to find out what they need to do to get started making their own test-taking plan.