by Armstrong COE Administrator

Armstrong's Lesson Plan Format

Planning Key Assessment

Planning Key Assessment/Lesson Plan

Formative Semester__ Year___                    Summative   Semester__ Year___                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Candidate Name: ____________________________ School’s Name: __N/A______________________ City or County: ____N/A__________

Grade Level: __________________ Class size or group size: _____Subject/Topic: ___________________________________________

Time (minutes) required for lesson: ______________ Date(s) _____________________

Classroom demographics:

Georgia Performance Standards for this lesson:

Essential Question(s):

Purpose and relevance of the lesson:

Prerequisite skills or knowledge required for mastery of this lesson:

Goals of lesson aligned with Georgia Performance Standards:

Objectives of lesson that support the lesson’s goals:

Materials/Equipment/ Technology Required:

Procedures for Instruction:

Introduction that links new lesson to previous learning/prior knowledge:

Format of the lesson:

Application or independent practice:

Assessment Process:



Extended Practice/Homework:


REFLECTION: Not applicable for this assessment.


NOTE: Special Education Candidates should add the following information:

Name of classroom teacher of record: ___________________________________

Indicate whether the lesson is for an individual, a small group, a large group, or a complete class. 

Indicate the IEP goals that support this lesson.  Indicate how these IEP goals are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards.



Adopted: 4/27/2011 jwb