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LiveText Instructional Documents

LiveText Important Information

Read this before using LiveText--EVEN if you are a previous user!

How do I get LiveText?  Click Here!
How do I use LiveText? Click Here for Instructions
How do I login to LiveText?  Click Here!

LiveText "Must Knows"

1.  Use Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser!!!!!

LiveText functions best in Mozilla Firefox.  To download Mozilla Firefox, click here
No difficulties have been reported by those using Google Chrome or Safari with LiveText.

Students and Faculty typically experience difficulties using LiveText with Internet Explorer. 


2.  Best Practice - Attach PDF versions of your documents!

You may want to consider attaching a PDF version of the assignment as a backup so it can be opened on any computer. In Word, use the "Save As" function and select "PDF" from the "Save as type" drop down box.

Using LiveText (How do I?)

1. Start and Submit an Assignment WITH a LiveText Template?

Starting and submitting an Assignment that requires* a LIVETEXT Template

Click here for step by step instructions or review video below.


2. Submit an assignment as an Attachment?

If a template is NOT required*

Click here for step by step instructions or review video below.

3. Resubmit an Assignment?

Has your instructor requested that you resubmit your assignment in LiveText?

Click here for instructions.

Diversity Forms & Directions

Before, During, and After the Field Experience

A completed* and submitted** Diversity Form is required for every Field Experience.

  • Print a hard copy* of the Diversity Form PRIOR to the field experience so that you can take the form WITH you.
  • Complete the hard copy* of the form DURING the field experience and have the Cooperating Teacher SIGN the completed form.
  • Submit the hard copy* of the Diversity Form to your Instructor AFTER the field experience.