by Chastidy Johnson

4th Grade Language Arts Lesson Plan


Lesson Plan Format

This document will provide guidelines for the creation of a lesson plan as stipulated in the Troy University College of Education Internship Handbook.

Lesson Plan Format TEP-Internship



April 6, 2010


English Language Arts

Grade Level

Fourth Grade

Signature of Cooperating Teacher


Student Standards being Taught

Compare story elements and the experiences and feelings of literary characters to students' lives. Describing how events, settings, and characterization encountered in written text influence the thinking of the reader.






Objectives (What do I want my students to know and do by the end of this lesson?)

Students will be able to compare story elements and the experiences and feelings of the characters in Crickwing to their lives. They will be able to understand how events, setting, and characterization encountered in the text influence the thinking of the reader. They must be knowledgeable of the spelling and definition of basic vocabulary words from the text. They will recognize the signs of bullying, recognize the different forms bullying can take, and be able to employ ways to prevent bullying situations.


  • Introductory Activities

    We will read as a class  Crickwing by Janell Cannon on the reading rug. A Powerpoint, whole group discussion of the events, setting, and characters will be presented with pictures from the story. We will discuss the experiences and feelings of Crickwing and the other characters and how their experiences relate to our own lives.

    Developmental Activities

     The students will work independently to write a letter to Crickwing telling him what they think about his story. They will be given a guide for writing this letter. Small group instruction of the vocabulary words and how they fit into the context of the story will be given during this activity to each group. 






    Culminating Activities

     A Powerpoint discussion of the bullying that takes place in this story will be presented as a whole group discussion. Students will be taught the effects of bullying, how to see the signs of bullying, and what to do when they have observed bullying or been a recipient of bullying. The students will then be divided into their groups and will use teamwork to complete a cause and effect matching worksheet of the events in the story.



    Evaluation of the Day’s Objectives (How will I know my students learned what I expected them to learn?)

      A multiple choice quiz and spelling quiz on the vocabulary words will be given at the end of the week. The students will also be given a comprehensive quiz on the how events, settings, and characterization encountered in written text influence the thinking of the reader.




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