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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

My Professional Development Plan





My experience during my internship at the Tallassee School System was great. Although, my first day at the high school was very nerve wrecking, because I didn’t know what to expect. However, my cooperating teacher and university supervisor were available to encourage me and give me different ideas and advise on how to better serve my physical education class. Once I gained confidence in what I was trying to accomplish with my class, planning and teaching the students was a breeze. I am forever grateful to my teachers at A U M who prepared me for the situations of teaching physical education.

However, there is one thing I regret that I didn’t do at the high school part of my internship. I should have been more strict in the beginning and made my rules more clear, instead of trying to be a disciplinary during the end of my internship. Majority of my students did what they were asked to do, but one or two students chose to do the opposite.

Even though I feel like I did an extraordinary job during my internship, I do feel that I could better serve the students and my school system by furthering my knowledge in my field and learn better discipline and classroom management skills.

I do believe that for one to become an effective physical education teacher, he or she must continue their education. Any teacher who want to maintain a high quality program, contribute to their school curriculum and give their physical education program validity, should further their knowledge of physical education and how it could be integrated with other subjects.

I will continue to expand my knowledge on being an effective physical education teacher by attending conferences, clinics, and reading books. Attending conferences and clinics could help me strategize ways in eliminating any weakness I might have in teaching, and keep updated on the latest techniques and technologies used in teaching.

Moreover, my five-year goal is to obtain a Master Degree in physical education. Working toward this degree will also give me greater knowledge and insight of my chosen profession. Not only will a Master Degree in physical education give me better knowledge of physical education, it will also help me better teach my students. Furthering my education will definitely give me more confidence in teaching and provide me with more proven techniques on how to develop and maintain a high quality physical education program.