by Mary Beth Duncan

Simile, "The Pudding Like a Night on the Sea"

Classroom Information

Grade Level

4th Grade

Date taught

November 3 -7

Reading Pacing Guide Correlation

  • Define simile (comparison of two things using like or as)
  • Identify similes from a literary passage

Book Information


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Ann Cameron


Ann Strugnell


Bullseye Books

Number of pages

page 1 - 16

Copyright Date




> selects/states and sequences short-term, measurable objectives in accordance with learner needs and program goals
Apply figurative language found in literature to enhance written and oral production of language. Example: similes, metaphors

Procedures of Lesson

Purpose of the Read Aloud

  To recognize similes as figurative language comparing two things using like or as, while reading "The Pudding Like the Sea at Night", a chapter in the book, The Stories Julian Tells

Preparing to Read

Activity: students will write "pudding, like __________________" completing the simile

Purpose: to activate prior knowledge

While Reading

 One student will highlight each simile encountered in the reading.

Classmates will hold up their simile card each time a simile is encountered in the reading.

One student will stand at white board and place a hash mark on board to indicate a simile.



Technology & Materials

List all materials needed for the lesson

  • 30 flashs card saying, simile
  • white board
  • dry erase markers
  • highlighter
  • document camera
  • 8 copies of story, "Pudding, Like a Night at Sea"