by Kelly Hayes

Measuring Plant Growth




Date: March 14, 2008

Subject: Math

Grade Level: 3

Signature of Classroom Teacher: Kelly Hayes



Use abbreviations and symbols for units of measurement in the customary and metric systems.
Identify equivalent measures within a measurement system. Example: 12 inches = 1 foot, 4 cups = 1 quart, 100 centimeters = 1 meter
...Displaying data. Example: lists, tables, tally charts, pictographs, bar graphs, circle graphs



 The students will...measure the growth of the plants that they planted during as a science lesson.  They will graph and plot the growth throughout the semester.

Introductory Activities

 We will begin by discussing the differences between the different units of measurement and their abbreviations.  As a class we will measure objects in the room using different units of measurement (inches, feet, yards, centimeters, etc).  The students will then complete the work sheet found here:

We will then discuss how to plot information on a line graph.  We will plot the number of students in the class who bring their lunches to school.  After we have a made a line graph as a class the students will do the worksheet found at the following website:


Developmental Activities

The students will then be given obejcts to measure on their own.  I will then pick a few students to present their measurements to the class. 

Culminating Activities

 The students will measure the plants that they planted in a previous science lesson every week for growth.  They will write down the growth in a chart and then they will plot the growth on a line graph.  We will then compare growth between the students and create one large line graph with the average growth of everyone's plants. 


 The students will be evaluated based on how well they kept track of their measurements from week to week. They will also be graded on the accuracy and neatness of their chart and line graph. 

Alternate Activities

 Each week it will be a different student's responsibility to measure the plant.  That student will then record the growth on a class chart and then plot the growth on a line graph that will be on the wall near the plants.  At the end of the semester we will discuss the growth. 


 For those students who are not able to graph and plot the growth they will be assigned a "buddy" who will help them measure and then record the information. 


 The students would need the plants that they had previously planted to measure.  They would also need a ruler to measure.  They would also need a pencil and paper to record the information on. 


Self-Evaluation of Lesson

 Were the students able to accurately measure the plants?  Did the students enjoy the activity?  Were the students able to accurately chart the growth on a line graph and/or a bar graph?