by Liang Zhao

Example of an Elementary Education E-Portfolio


Acknowledgement and Appreciation.

I would like to thank Ms. Michele Haddad, author of this document, for allowing me to use her portfolio as an example.

Please remember that this is one way the portfolio could be done, not the way it must be done. You should use the general portfolio guidelines and should not imitate this example.

Liang Zhao


Michele Lee Haddad

110 Heaven Street

Paradise, IL  60525

H: 708-708-7078  C: 773-773-7773



I am seeking a Master of Arts in Education with Type 09 certification.


My E-Portfolio is a combined body of my work in the Elementary Education program at Saint Xavier University of Chicago from August 2005 to present.  This portfolio contains snapshots of my teaching philosophy, instructional design and implementation.  This is an ongoing project, always being revised to exemplify my development as a preservice teacher.