by Jackie Manning

SCED 1000 Intro to Computer Literacy Module Fall 2007

Assignment 4: Author a Document; Attach Document; Insert Image

Step 1: Authoring a Document within LiveText


  1. Go to the Help Center and complete Authoring within a LiveText document tutorial
  2. Click on the Resumé/Vita Page
  3. Type the following information using the LiveText Editor
            Today’s Date
            Your Name
            Course Information - SCED 1000

Step 2: Attach Document


  1. Go to the Help Center and complete  Adding attachments to a LiveText document tutorial
  2. Download and save the attachment on this page to your desktop
  3. To download document:
    1. Click on the document link and choose Save to Disk (save document to your desktop for easy retrieval)
  4. Click on the Resume/Vita page and attach the document you just downloaded to your computer

Step 3: Insert Image


  1. Go to the Help Center and complete Adding an image to a LiveText document tutorial
  2. Right click on the image on this page, choose Save Picture/Image As from the list, save to your desktop, name image file if necessary
  3. Click on the Resumé/Vita page
  4. Insert the image you saved earlier on your desktop
  5. Place image to right of the text (this lets me know that you have taken a look at the placement options)
  6. Add a caption under your image





Step 4: Submit Document for Review

 Review tutorial for Submitting Documents for Review if needed.

Step 5: Verify Submission

Review verification steps under Assignment 2, if needed. 

Step 6: Check WebCT Gradebook and/or Instructor Comments inside LiveText

Once grade is posted you must delete these 3 activities from your Resume/Vita page prior to adding your resume.

If you have questions, contact the instructor using the WebCT e-mail portal.