by Ashley Gibson

Earth's Three Layers (Science)


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date:      March 13, 2007

Subject:    Science

Grade Level:      3rd Grade

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STANDARD: Classify rocks and minerals by characteristics. Example: streak, color, hardness, magnetism, luster, texture, uses



AL COS (on ALEX): Describe Earth's layers, including inner and outer cores, mantle, and crust.

The students will decribe the Earth's three layers by writing a short paragraph about each one.

Introductory Activities

I will introduce the lesson by asking the students, "Have you ever wondered what was inside the earth?".  Then I will begin to name and describe the three layers of the earth.  I will instruct the class to get their textbooks out and we will go through the lesson as a group.  We will discuss different characteristics, such as texture and temperature, that each layer has.  I will explain to the class that they need to pay very close attention to our group activitity because at the end of class they will be instructed to create their own model of the earth's layers.

Developmental Activities

The class will be divided into groups of three or four.  Each group will be given an apple and a hard boiled egg (cut in half).  They will be instructed to record, as a group, two similarities and two differences between the apple and the egg's three different layers. After they have completed the group assignment, we will discuss each groups' recordings.  Any questions the students may have about the layers will be answered at this time.

Culminating Activities

This activity will be done individually.  I will show a model of the earth's layers that I previously made and inform the students that they will be making one also. The students will be given three different colors of Play-Doh.  They will be instructed to make a model of the three layers of the earth by using the three different colors of Play-Doh.  I will go around the room and assist any student who needs help or does not understand the assignment. 


The students will write a short paragraph about  their model.  They will have to tell what color they chose for each layer of the earth.  They will also have to write a few, three or four, sentences about each layer.  They need to address some of the charateristics we discussed in class such as temperature, texture, etc.  The students will be graded on this assignment.  They must correctly label their model by the colors they chose and have characterisitcs listed in sentence form.  The students will receive a daily science grade for this assignment.

Alternate Activities

I will discuss the different layers of the earth with the class.  The students will be instructed to design and name their own plant using the concepts of the earth's layers to create their new planet.  Students will write a short paragraph about their new plant. They will also draw and color a picture of the planet. 


If a student is having difficulty constructing a model of the earth individually, he or she will be allowed to work in a small group or with a partner.   


Textbooks, Model of Earth (made previously by teacher), Apples, Hard Boiled Eggs, Three Different Colors of Play-Doh, Paper.  Alternate Assignment: Colored Pencils, Paper 


Self-Evaluation of lesson

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