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About the Reports

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Each month, the Office of Academic Services within the College of Education creates an admission report. The reports originally included only those students admitted to the Initial Teacher Preparation Program (ITPP). Over time, clinical speech pathology students have been included in the reporting, as well as adding Special Education Masters in Teaching (SEM-T) students to the ITPP calculations. Beginning in February 2008, graduate admission information for students admitted to programs in the College of Education is included. The admission report also changed in February 2008 to include teaching minors for ITPP admissions. Before February 2008, only teaching majors were reported.

In 2005, the Office of Academic Services started coding ITPP admission in Banner as an event code (TPC). That way, information about program admission for initial teacher candidates becomes part of their Banner record.

Beginning Winter 2008, enrollment reports will be reported here. These reports are run at the end of each winter and fall terms.

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