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JULY 16-Aug 1, 2007

16 (M)   Departure at 4:45 PM KLM Flight 622 from Atlanta arriving in Amsterdam at 7:25 AM

17 (Tu)  Departure at 10:15 AM KLM Flight 565 from Amsterdam arriving in Nairobi at 7:10 PM

18 (W)   Stay on campus of ANU and tour the University (University Link:  )

                 (visit chapel, classes and tour buildings and campus)
                 (meet with Chancellor or representative of university) (food in university dinning room)

19 (Th)  Visit Amboseli game park (See enclosed Link for park)
               (drive to game park and possible stay overnight there)

20 (F)      Departure at 8:30 PM Kenya Airways Flight 462 from Nairobi arriving in Johannesburg at 11:50 PM

21 (S)    Stay at Good News Conference Center at Muldersdrift, Johannesburg
               (Food at GNCC for breakfast, shopping at Hartebeest Dam and visit Rhino Park)

22 (Sun)  Stay at GNCC, visit NTC and Africa Regional Office
               (Food at GNCC for breakfast, attend church somewhere and eat at the Carnivore)

23 (M)  Departure at 8:00 am from GNCC arriving in Manzini, Swaziland at 3:00 pm
               (early breakfast at GNCC, lunch at Ngwenya Glass and dinner at Nursing College)

24  (T)   Stay in Manzini and visit Nazarene Colleges of Nursing, Education and Theology
               (breakfast at accommodations, tour NCN and NCE, meeting with Consortium)
                (drive to Siteki and visit Nazarene College of Theology,
                dinner with students/faculty and spend night)

25 (W) Departure at 8:00 am from Siteki arriving in Mozambique at 12 noon
               (early breakfast at NTC, Mozambique border crossing, lunch and supper at SNM)
               (tour of SNM facilities and an orientation regarding IBNAL)

26 (Th) Departure at 8:00 a.m. from Mozambique arriving in Kruger Nat Park at 11:00 am
               (view animals and spend night at Lower Sabie Camp) Link :

27(F)   Kruger National Park
                 (view animals and spend night at Skukuza Camp)

28 (S)  Kruger National Park (view animals, then travel to Swadini Resort: for dinner and spend the night)

29 (S) Breakfast at Swadini Resort,  drive up to dam, then visit Arthurseat Technical College, After lunch, on to Joburg
                 (tour Arthurseat College and have lunch with faculty)
                 (departure from Arthurseat at 2:00 pm arriving at GNCC for late dinner and night)

30 (M) Departure at 10:20 AM from Johannesburg South African Airlines Flight 170 arriving in Lilongwe at 12:45 PM
                 (departure for airport at 6:30 AM) (late lunch at Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa and tour of college)
                 (accommodations arranged by NTCCA at guest homes)

31 (Tu) Departure at 1:20 PM Kenya Airways Flight 424 from Lilongwe arriving in Nairobi at 4:25 PM (stay in transit)
               (breakfast at guest homes and departure for airport at 10:00 am)
               (remain in transit at Nairobi International Airport for lunch and shopping)
                Departure at 10:15 PM KLM Flight # 566 from Nairobi arriving in Amsterdam at 5:30 AM on Aug. 1

Aug. 1(W) Departure at 10:20 AM KLM Flight # 621from Amsterdam arriving in Atlanta at 1:40 PM

 Northwest/KLM/Kenya Airways out of Atlanta: $2,104.00 (Very close to final price, there may be a “fuel adjustment”).

The South African Airlines Cost (Johannesburg to Lilongwe) is an ADDITIONAL
$ 425.00 plus Tax.

Deposit of $100.00 per seat due IMMEDIATELY. I would ask that you call me TODAY for Phone Verification. (615-406-5552) Deposit does not apply to purchase price.(Will be refunded upon completion of trip)
Names / Payment in full due 60 days prior to departure(Approx May 14th)

If you have passport (We MUST HAVE FAXED COPY) ASAP
(EX. John Andrew Smith, sr.) or Mary Jane Smith).

Dr. Frank Ruckman 2103 Lambert Dr. Westmoreland, TN. 37186 H-615-644-2002
C-615-406-5552 e-mail
Dr Walker states that our Food, Lodging, and local travel will run approximately $ 50 per day of travel.






All About US--Visitor Code EF27F907 NOTE, You CAN Print any of the following documents by "click and drag" to highlight, then copy and move to a word file:

AEP/EDU Foundation Trip to Africa
July 16 – August 1, 2007

This trip provides a wonderful opportunity to travel to Africa for less than it would cost otherwise simply because we are doing it together and will be assisted in some ways by the infrastructure of the church there. It also, and most importantly, will provide a unique view of our church’s education systems in Africa. And it will give opportunity to see some of the exotic sites of Africa.

The primary purpose of this trip is to inspire everyone to get more involved in supporting the task of meeting further education needs of the people of Africa through AEP/EDUF. Let's break this down into several supporting purposes:

1. By seeing, feeling, hearing and learning about the people and places there we will appreciate their contexts and know how to assist them.
2. We want to evaluate each institution in several ways. By evaluating the needs we will be able to focus on priorities. We hope to evaluate:
a. the general conditions of the infrastructure of each institution
b. the scholarship needs that prevail at each institution
c. what each institution is doing to manage its limited resources
d. the quality of education that is being received
e. and appreciate the needs of both administration and faculty of each institution
f. the dreams and goals of each institution
3. To be challenged to pray more for each institution and its constituents including how to pray for them.
4. Form ways to “tell the story” to others so as to challenge them to become a part of the networking and support of AEP/EDUF.

AEP/EDUF would ask that each participant make a two page report of his/her individual findings and impressions as it relates to AEP/EDUF. This should be sent to Karen Van Den Berg, Secretary of EDUF for compilation.


Frank & Sylvia Ruckman

During some of their recent travels, Frank & Sylvia had the opportunity to visit Swaziland, South Africa and other sights in Africa.  Since that time, they have become keenly aware of some of the needs for the schools, teachers and students on the African Continent.  This trip will allow them to see, first-hand, just what some of the needs are of the African schools and universities and allow them the opportunity to report back to the newly formed EDU Foundation and the Nazarene churches about those needs.

Dr. Frank Ruckman has been an Assistant Professor of Education at Cumberland University since retiring from the public schools in 2002. His public school career spanned 30 plus years. His varied responsibilities in the public schools included school bus driver, teacher, coach, assistant principal and high school principal. Dr. Ruckman commented that some of his most memorable experiences in the public schools happened while leading student groups to far-off places around the world. Seeing their excitement as they witnessed scenes only before imagined made every trip worthwhile. He also served in the Tennessee Department of Education as the Director of Computer Education.

His teaching responsibilities at the university include Coordinator of Student Teaching, as well as computer classes designed to focus on those entering the field of education. As the Education Department strives to move forward into the Twenty-First Century, Dr. Ruckman has taken on the responsibility to lead faculty and students toward using electronic portfolios as their medium to showcase their talents. He serves the university as the Teacher Certification Officer and as the Field Placement Coordinator. These responsibilities have allowed him the opportunity to visit and develop relationships with the public and private school teachers and administrators in the Middle Tennessee Area.

Dr. Ruckman received his Bachelor of Science degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in 1970 and his Master of Education degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He earned his Doctor of Education degree from Tennessee State University.  Dr. Ruckman currently serves the education community of Middle Tennessee as an elected Board Member of the Cornerstone Financial Credit Union. He has held this position since 1998.

Sylvia recently retired as a public school teacher with the Sumner County Board of Education.  Sylvia received her Bachelor of Science degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in 1967 and her Master of Education degree from Middle Tennessee State University.  She spent thirty-two years teaching elementary students, as well as working the the Title I programs.  After her retirement she has enjoyed the 5  grandchildren.  She babysits each day with the youngest, Emma Rose.  They have fun together and often visit Sylvia's mom who lives nearby. 

Sylvia and Frank have been active in the Gallatin Church of the Nazarene since graduating from Trevecca.  They have served on the Church Board, taught Sunday School Classes and served on various committees throughout the years.  For several years, Sylvia also served NMI President.  Frank has also organized a Work and Witness trip to Mexico City, Mexico for his local church.  They were responsible for working on the Nazarene Seminary on the outskirts of Mexico City.

After their two sons, Franklin, Jr., and John were grown, they have enjoyed traveling and trying to keep up with their five grandchildren.

Ken & Linda Walker (Will meet us in Africa)


Ken and Linda Walker are global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene. They returned to the USA in December 2005 from Africa where they served for 33 years.

Ken was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He has received degrees from Trevecca Nazarene College (1966), Middle Tennessee State University (1969), Nazarene Theological Seminary (1983) and honored with the D.Div. from Trevecca Nazarene University (2000).  Linda, of Gainesville, Florida, is a graduate of Trevecca Nazarene College (1967).

The Walkers were appointed to Swaziland in 1972. Ken has served as teacher and principal for both the Nazarene Teachers College and Swaziland Nazarene Bible College and superintendent of Swaziland Nazarene Schools ; field director of the Africa Southeast Field which included Mozambique and Madagascar  and Regional Education Coordinator for Africa Region. 

Currently, Ken and Linda are Missionaries at Large living in the USA (Corydon, Indiana)  promoting the Africa Education Partnership, and the EDU Foundation.  He is also serving as Assistant to the World Mission Education Coordinator and Interim Regional Education Coordinator for the Caribbean Region. Linda has served as teacher, Field Office manager and Treasurer in various capacities.

The Walkers have three grown children: Tamara, Brian and Brad.  They also have seven grandchildren.


Kristin Rochelle Aucoin

Kristen Aucoin

Kristen Aucoin

Kristin Aucoin. 

I am Shirley Caldwell's granddaughter.  My trip is her gift to me for my high school graduation which happened in May.  I am accepted at TNU for fall and will be a prenursing major.  My goal is to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  Things I enjoy are cross country and softball, being with friends from school and church. 

Last summer I went with our church teens to Mississippi for a Work & Witness trip.  I have travelled overseas but not on a mission trip.  I believe that I will be the youngest member of our team. 


Carolyn & Paul Brace

Carolyn is an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.  After graduating with her Masters in Christian Education from Nazarene Theological Seminary, she served as an Assistant Pastor in Hemet, CA.  This is where Carolyn met and married her best friend, Paul.  Paul is retired from General Motors and currently works as an electrician for conveyor installation in major distribution centers.  This requires traveling throughout the US on assignment.  We have fondly nick-named ourselves as "Gypsy Nazarene Pastors".  We believe in blooming where we are planted irregardless of the length of time we are in the area.  The primary goal of our assignment is to encourage the local church, and its pastor/family.  Carolyn has had the opportunity to pulpit supply, extend pastoral care, support congregations with "hands-on" service wherever needed.  Both of us teach Sunday School, Bible Study, and discipleship.
Even though we live in our RV (5th wheel) full time, we own a home in beautiful TN where we long to put down roots someday.  When we go home on vacation, we attend Grace Nazarene Church in Columbia.  We look forward to the day when Paul will retire for the second time, hopefully in the Spring of 2007, then Carolyn can concentrate on ministry full-time again. Of course, our primary objective in 2007 is to step through the doors of opportunity that God provides wherever they may lead.
Paul & I are convinced that God provides great adventures in serving Him.  We have been priviledged to experience so many wonderful and unique opportunities along the Way.  As we encounter Christ and His church along the Emmaus Road, we invest ourselves in the people, the ministry endeavors, and the community.  We look forward to this African adventure with anticipation and gratitude as God allows us to experience another culture and ministry alternative.


Heather Marie Bryant

Heather Bryant

Heather Bryant

I am a graduate student at NTS.  I am a graduate in Theology and Political Science from SNU.  I worked as a Residential Advisor and in Student Devleopment at SNU for four years.  I also worked in SNU and NTS library in acquisitions for 6 years and currently working in communications, development, fundraising, alumni services at NTS.
Other ways that might be of interest is volunteering and working with General NYI and partnering with the Africa region through regional NYI (SNU region).  I also went to Quito for their Third Wave Conference where I met many of the Africa NYI regional leadership.  Currently I am half way through my M.Div. program looking to explore Trinitarian forms of leadership among Church based institutions.  I am excited about this trip and look forward to working with you all. 


Shirley Barbara Caldwell

Shirley Caldwell

Shirley Caldwell

Shirley B. Caldwell - Widow. 

I am a retired nurse practitioner who taught in the Nurse Practitioner program at Vanderbilt University for 16 years.  My husband taught Ed. Psych. at Trevecca Nazarene University for 20 years.  He died of Alzheimers in Jan, 2002.  Now I do volunteer work as a nurse at an inner city clinic for people without insurance or are refugees.  It is staffed by Christians and is a wonderful place to volunteer, as well as at the Towers Longevity Center and my church.
In 2005 I did a 5 month trip around the world.  I volunteered at a YWAM base in southern Spain, spent four weeks with a Wycliffe couple and family in NW Cameroon, spent 4 weeks in Kenya, 3 of them at Africa Nazarene University helping in the deans office, the other week with a Wycliffe couple.  I was privileged to spend six days with Ken and Linda Walker in S. Africa so had a visit to Kruger (look forward to returning) as well as Swaziland.  The hospital and Nursing College here are my main interest.  My last stop was the Philippines.  It was a wonderful trip.
My reason for going on this trip is to perhaps help the College of Nursing with some writing, but primarily to show my granddaughter and daughter missions overseas.


Leslie Aldin (Al) Griffin

Al Griffin

Al Griffin

Leslie Aldin Griffin
Titusville, Florida

I am a native of Florida and have lived in Titusville since 1958.  I began working for the Florida State Road Department in 1958 and was Project Engineer in three (3) original construction projects for Interstate 95 from 1966-70.  I worked in several other positions such as District Safety Engineer, Traffic Operations Engineer, and Public Transportation Manager before retiring from the Florida Department of Transportation in September, 1993, which was renamed by Legislature in 1969.

After 14 months of retirement I then went to work for the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority and am currently Manager of Expressway Operations.  We build and operate limited access toll expressways in Orange County (Orlando) Florida.

I teach an adult Sunday School class and present the monthly missions study.  I am also Sunday School Superintendent for the First Church of the Nazarene in Titusville .  I went on a Work and Witness trip to Russia in 2001.

My wife's name is Shirley and we were married in October 1959.  We have two (2) sons, Duane and Terry and have 3 grandchildren.


Thomas Franklin Hallum, Jr.

Frank Hallum, Jr.

Frank Hallum, Jr.

I was born and raised in Titusville, the nearest city to the Kennedy Space Center on Florida's east coast.  I graduated from Titusville High School in 1953 and attended Olivet Nazarene University, graduating in 1957.  Shortly after graduating from Olivet, I married my high school sweetheart, Patricia Ann Brown.  Pat and I had two boys, one is deceased.  We have two grandchildren and two great grandchildren that we enjoy greatly!

Following graduation from ONU, I taught the 6th grade in the 1957-58 school year.  I decided that wasn't something that I wanted to continue to do, so a few months later, I went into banking.  I had only worked in the bank a short time when I received my draft notice.  After induction into the Army, most of my time in the service was spent in Hawaii where I played clarinet in the 25th Infantry Division Band.  Following the tour of duty in Hawaii I returned to Titusville and back to work at the bank where I was previously employed.  I worked in that bank for 20 years, leaving as manager in 1981.  While working at this bank I was able to complete my MBA degree from Florida Tech in 1980.  I then joined a newly formed bank where I worked for an another 6 years as a branch manager.  I left that bank in 1987 and was employed by Community Educators Credit Union where I worked until retiring in 2000 as Sr. Vice President.

I have attended the First Church of the Nazarene in Titusville since I was a child in my father's arms.  I have been a member there since I was old enough to be taken into the church.  I have grown up loving the church and have served as a Sunday School Teacher, Board Member, Music Leader and Choir Director.  I have also served on the District Church Properties Board, and presently serve, for the second time, on the District Advisory Board.  I have been serving on the District NMI Council for many years.  My position on the NMI Council is Deputation Coordinator where I'm responsible for scheduling missionaries in our churches when they are touring on Home Assignment .

Some of the things that I enjoy doing is fishing, boating, photography, traveling, and watching most sporting events now that I have become too old to be a participant.  I also enjoy serving as a hospice volunteer and assisting my pastor in a weekly church service at a local nursing home.  For the past five years, until this school year, I served as a mentor to high school students under the Take Stock in Children program.

I have been privileged to go on three Work and Witness trips.  The first one was to Guatemala in the late 70s, then Russia in 2001, and Peru in 2005.  These W & W trips have been most rewarding and I look forward with great anticipation to the trip to Africa and making new friends with our fellow travelers.


Sharon Caldwell Jones

Sharon Cardwell Jones

Sharon Cardwell Jones

Sharon Caldwell Jones. 

I am the third part of our family group, being Shirley Caldwell's daughter. 

I teach Community Health Nursing at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  In addition to this, we are working hard to prepare for my stepson's wedding June 2. 

I sing in our church choir, enjoy scrapbooking, photography, cooking and being with family. 

I have never been on a missions trip before so I do not know what to expect. 

I am interested in community health nursing in Swaziland, as well as the school of nursing there.  My life just now is extremely busy.  I was unsure whether I really could go or not, but now I am committed! 


Anna Faye Joyce

Faye Joyce

Faye Joyce

I spent my career as a Teacher/Social Worker and retired in 2005.  I received a BS from Peabody College before it became part of Vanderbilt and an MS along with some post graduate work at UT Knoxville.  After teaching Special Education for 3 years, I returned to get my MS degree.

I then worked approximately 24 years for the Department of Health in Child Health and Development Program in rural Appalachia.  I also worked 12 years as a Regional Supervisor over 8 counties and did direct service the next 12 years with families in Appalachia. 

I would recieve referrals for my home visits from DHS Protective Service and people from the Health Department.  I would then make home visits to teach parenting skills and normal child development.  The last few years of my career was spent with the Department of Mental Retardation in the Investigation follow up division.  I am looking forward to my first trip to Africa and will enjoy meeting everyone.


Susan March Judd

Susan Judd

I was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Florida in 1950, so I have been adopted as a Floridian. My family were not Christians, but God was faithful to send many people who took me to Sunday School and Church during my early years. I was attending a Baptist Church as a teenager where I was saved at the age of 12 and married when I was 18. As my 3 children were born it became easy not to attend and so I didn't for many years.

In 1974 my husband divorced me and I was left with 3 children to raise alone.  Once again God sent people into my life to remind me where my "First Love" was and through them I became a part of the Brandon First Church of the Nazarene. Loving people taught me about sanctification and I gave over my children, finances and life to the Holy Spirit. During my years there I taught Sunday School, Children's Church, was a member of the NWMS, choir, and worked in our Christian school as well as being a member of the Church board for many years.

God has blessed me with the "Desires of My Heart" by giving me the privilege of being a member of 12 work and witness teams in 5 Central and South American countries. My favorite being Peru and the Amazon Region.

I now attend Plant City Community Church of the Nazarene where I am involved in the Missions department, am a substitute Sunday School teacher as well as a member of the Church board.

I have worked for 27 years at Dover Elementary School near my home in Valrico, thirty two years altogether for Hillsborough County Schools. We are the located in an area know as "The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World" so our student population is highly migratory, mostly Spanish speaking and poor. During the winter months we have close to 1,000 students. I am now the secretary in our Media Center which allows me to work with all our students. Before this I worked in a drop-out prevention program for about 15 years and for 7 years in the Head Start program.

I am looking forward to being BLESSED along with all of you as we experience all our Savior has in store for us. I know this is really long, but when you are really OLD it takes a long time to tell about your life......see y'all in July!

Mary Katherine Meighan

Mary Katherine Meighan

Mary Katherine Meighan

Mary was born in NYC, graduated from TNU and Mid State Baptist School of Nursing in Nashville.

She has also completed a Diploma in Midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg, R.S.Africa.

Through the years, she has enjoyed working with children in Children's church and in Women's Evangelism.  She also taught adult literacy in Shangaan while at Acornhoek.

While in Swaziland, she set up the Marian Johnson Trust Fund for maintenance of Evangelism through our medical facilities there. Other nursing duties included assisting the Principal of the Nazarene Nursing College in Swaziland.  She retired after 28 years of Nursing in Africa early 1992.

She did home nursing in Plant City, Florida and was requested  by the Department of World Mission to be the Nurse in residence in our Nazarene Missionary Retirement Center Casa Robles in California. 

She returned to Florida in 2002 after retiring from Department of World Mission.  Now, she does work in herlocal church and serves as the local Missionary President, Zone Representative on the District NMI Council.


Sharron Shands

Sharron Shands

Sharron Shands

Sharron Shands

I was born in Akron, Ohio.  My family moved to Texas when I was very young.  There, my Dad (Ben Marlin) was called to preach.  He pastored in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina.  This gave me the opportunity to live in many different places.  I married Wayne Shands in 1966, and have two married children, and one granddaughter.

I graduated from Trevecca (1963), and received my MA from MTSU (1969), and a +30 from Trevecca.  I retired from teaching school in 1998 after having Leukemia, and my husband being diagnosed with Alzheimers.  Wayne is now in McKendree Health Care.  He was placed there in January of 2005.

My husband and I both taught school, so we had our summers "free".  For twenty years, we traveled during the summer holding Kid's Krusades in churches and Camps. We used puppets, gospel magic, stories, Bible verses and music to teach children about God's love for them.  This was a great time to travel the country with our family.

I keep busy by working part time as an Office Manager of a small business in Old Hickory, Tennessee.  I am the NMI President at my church (Old Hickory Church of the Nazarene).  I am also the Prime Time Director of the Tennessee District. My position on the Tennessee District NMI Council is Deputation Coordinator, where I am responsible for scheduling missionaries in our churches.

In 2004, I was privileged to go on a Work and Witness trip to Trinidad.  That was a wonderful experience and I am now excited about visiting in Africa. 


Jamie Autumn Sharpe

Jamie Sharpe

Jamie Sharpe

 Jamie A. Sharpe is a student at MidAmerica Nazarene University where she is finishing her degree in Management and Human Relations. 

She is also doing her graduate studies in Counseling and coursework at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Christian Education. 

Originally from California, she currently resides in Kansas City with her dog, Bailey. 

With several undergraduate degrees, she has worked in non-profit organizations for the course of he career and manages real-estate while she is attending school.  Jamie is also a guitarist and vocalist and has been a part of the worship team in her home church for the last 8 years, leading worship locally and playing for events and youth gatherings.  She is presently working on her thesis which addresses the issues of vision, worship, administration and discipleship in small, suburban churches at the 250 attendance/growth barrier and medium-sized church transition.  She has had the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity and has visited Mexico to build homes for the underprivelaged. 

Jamie enjoys camping, reading, writing and composing (in what little spare time she scrapes together after all of that!).


Daniel "Lloyd" Terry

Lloyd Terry

Lloyd is a native of East Tennessee. In 1943 his family moved to Oak Ridge and became citizens of "THE SECRET CITY".  Oak Ridge was totally fenced in and everyone 14 and older required a badge to leave and enter the city.  It was very exciting to be a part of a project that would end the second world war,development of the atomic bomb.

He graduated from Oak Ridge High School in 1952 followed by a tech course in mechanical drafting.

He became acquainted with a youth group in the Church Of The Nazarene in 1951 and was a frequent visitor to the church. In Nov. of 1951 during a revival he was "preached under conviction" and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. From that time until now he has sought to put Christ first in his life. In the spring of 1953 he was married to Betty York who had been the leading influence which had led him to the Lord. They have been married for 54 years now and have 3 daughters, 1 son, 5 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.

After being employed at one of the nuclear facilities in Oak Ridge for 3 years the family moved to West Palm Beach, Fla. And he was employed at a plant in Indiantown where he became a member of a team producing liquid hydrogen rocket fuel, from there he moved to the space coast and would spend the next 37 years there working in missile propellants and with launch support teams for all launch complexes.

As a  member of Titusville 1st Church for 35 years Lloyd was involved in many areas of the church at one time or the other, as choir member, NYPS president, church board, missionary council, LINKS. One of the most exciting things was getting the links package together each year and seeing it leave for one of our missionaries. Another was assembling the MED pack each year to send to a foreign field.  

In 1996 he retired and moved back to East Tennessee. In 2001 he joined a work and witness team to Russia and helped build a bible school and church in St. Petersburg, a trip that will never be forgotten.

Trout fishing a lot, still learning to play golf, and enjoying 4 generations of family who live close by in beautiful Wears Valley which borders the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, are his favorite pastimes. 


Lisa Terry

While my parents were Nazarene Missionaries in Denmark, I arrived on the scene.  We lived there until I was five years old.  At that time, we returned to Tennessee, where, as a Nazarene Pastor's kid, I lived in several Tennessee and Kentucky cities.

During my teen years, I participated in Encounter '96 with other East Tennessee Teenagers.  We did street ministry in poor neighborhoods in Monterey, Mexico.  We thought of that as "Mexican Bible School", complete with VBS, puppets, clowns, pinatas AND Bible lessons.  That experience definitely increased my desire to be involved in Missions.

After attending Trevecca for a couple of years, I had the opportunity to interview for Youth In Missions. That opportunity resulted in a six-week trip to Fiji with other Nazarene College students from SNU and Point Loma.  We were able to travel to some remote villages with the Jesus Film Team and later with a Medical Missions group from New Zealand.  It was amazing to see the gospel literally come alive for those who had not seen the film before.

Currently, I am working as a Registered Nurse in Nashville.  I am gaining valuable experience and I hope to return to school this fall to complete my Nurse Practitioner Degree.

I am REALLY looking forward to the trip and traveling with all of you.


Kathryn Paulette Whitten

I am a recently retired school teacher from Hendersonville, TN.   I was born in WV. My family attended the Dunbar Church of the Nazarene. This was my first experience with missions. My mother was the Missionary President. Oh, how I loved to read the stories of lands far away and listen to the missionaries at church and those that visited our home. 

My sisters and I were taught to love missions and to give accordingly.  And of course I was sent straight from graduation in 1963 to TNU.   I graduated in 1967 with a BA in History and Educational Psychology. Later I picked up an elementary certification, took many science courses and certified to teach a technology class in the middle schools. The same year I graduated from college I married George Whitten.  George was also a teacher and later became a principal. We had two children. Derek is a youth minister in Texas. Valerie lives near by in Gallatin, TN. George lost his life to cancer in January, 2006. We have three adorable grandchildren.

For most of the last forty years, my family and I have attended the Goodlettsville Church of the Nazarene. I have been the missionary president, taught Sunday school, and directed VBS, the nursery and children departments. Now I have slowed down and am active in JOY Fellowship, connect groups and Women’s Ministries.

As a retiree, I love to travel, read, and scrapbook. I can hardly wait until our trip. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what we will be able to do for Christ.


Dr. Lambert Letter About Trip (Thanks, Heather)

 One of our travelers, Heather Bryant, mentioned to Dr. Lambert (Commissioner of Education for the Church of The Nazarene) about our trip.  I am enclosing his response:

Dear Heather,

It sounds like this trip will capture the hearts, minds, and pocket books of several Nazarenes.  There are great needs on every campus with scholarships being critical.

Four things that will be significant to observe:

1.      The articulation of the extension students on to Africa Nazarene University, which is an exciting upward movement for educated Africa leaders.

2.      The fact that in Swaziland numbers of students who study Nursing/Teacher Education are planning to be pastors with a profession that supports their fields.

3.      Also, in Swaziland the hospital is in great need and is crucial in training nurses.

4.      In all of the schools, there are “entry level” educational opportunities, but there is a great need for “higher education.”

Blessings upon you and the group as you travel.

Jerry D. Lambert

Education Commissioner