Bar graphs - Math Lesson Plan


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date: October 12, 2006 

Subject: Math

Grade Level: 4th Grade 

Signature of Classroom Teacher: Ashley N. Corkins



Display and interpret data using tally charts, diagrams, tables, and graphs (bar, line, circle, and pictograph).



The students will constuct a bar graph using information gathered for the Oh Deer game.

Introductory Activities

I will show my students some sample graphs, by using the overhead projector. Then, we will perform a sample graph by gathering information from the whole 4th grade and will apply the information gathered to the bar graph, so the students will see how a graph works and it's puposes.


Developmental Activities

The 4th grade class will have previously done a survey the day before on the 4th grades favorite kool-aide flavors for the sample graph. I will have the students construct a graph in 4 groups of 5 using the information gathered. After getting the idea of the sample graph, the students will then graph the information gathered from the Oh Deer game.

Culminating Activities

We will share the graphs information the students made for the Oh Deer game in a whole group and will also, discuss how they label there graphs. 


The students will construct a bar graph in 4 groups of 5  that will display the results of the game Oh Deer. 

Alternate Activities

I will have the students form 4 groups of 5 to gather information from their group. The students will be observing what their group is wearing, what they live in, and what they ate today. After, gathering the information the 4 groups will use a bar graph to graph their results and will share their results with the whole class.   


 If the student has fine motor problems, they will be paired with a partner to discuss the graph that was constructed.


I will need: rulers, graph paper, markers, and color crayons to construct the graph.


Self-Evaluation of lesson

I will  evaluate myself by observing the graphs the students made to see if they understood the idea of graphing.