by Mary Spivey

The Itsy Bitsy Spider-Language Arts


Language Arts- The Itsy Bitsy Spider's Many Adventures

Date:      September 11, 2006

Subject:    Language Arts and Art

Grade Level:      Kindergarten

Signature of Classroom Teacher:



Sing with good posture maintaining a steady tempo.
...Attending with interest to works of literature presented orally. Example: stories, poems, drama
...Following directions
Use writing skills.
...Drawing pictures



Given a story, students will sing and read story aloud, using age appropriate listening and following directions skills.
Given directions to brainstorm alternative endings to a phrase of the story, students must do so using writing and drawing skills to develop illustrations that corresponds to the writing.   

Introductory Activities

We will:
1.  Read and sing  the Itsy Bitsy Spider on the projector using motions to song. 
2.  Recognize that the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout, (Make reference to lifespan of spiders learned from science lesson) So what other adventures did the Itsy Bitsy spider go on?  
3. Read the Itsy Bitsy Spider by Isa Trapani.  Have class use appropriate and attentive listening skills.
4. While reading recognize how the words correspond to illustrations
5. Review the many adventures the Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Developmental Activities

We will:
1. Brainstorm as a class many adventures that the Itsy Bitsy spider could do instead of climbing up the water spout.  
2. Show examples on powerpoint: ex: clipart of spider on a beach(The Itsy Bitsy Spider went on a trip to the beach)
3. Make note of how the words above the picture correspond to the illustration.
4. Have the Students raise their hands and give examples of what the spider could have done. 

Culminating Activities

Each student will recieve a piece of paper with the words: The Itsy Bitsy Spider ___________.  The student will use writing skills to finish the sentence with what the Itsy Bitsy Spider did.  They will then use crayons to draw and color a picture under the words showing what adventure the spider went on.   


Student must read and sing song on projector using good posture and inside voices.  Student must listen attentively to story and participate in class discussion.  Child will use imagination to describe what the Itsy Bitsy Spider will do and fill in the remainder of the sentence using kindergarten writing skills.  The picture illustrated by student must also correspond to words.  Media must be used appropriately. 

Alternate Activities

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To adequately serve different learning types- Directions will be given verbally and examples will be shown visually.  For students needing extra help directions will be given individually.   


The Itsy Bitsy Spider writtened by Iza Trapani with correlating story and song on cd, Cd player or Computer with speakers, Computer and projector for powerpoint, paper, crayons 


Self-Evaluation of lesson

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