by Leah Wilks

Math Lesson Plan


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date: June 27, 2006     

Subject:    Math

Grade Level:      3-4

Signature of Classroom Teacher: Leah Wilks



Demonstrate proficiency in the use of basic number concepts and skills.
Demonstrate an understanding of place value using physical materials and numerical and pictorial representations.
...Identifying the place value of any digit in numbers 1 through 9999



The students will.......
1. Be able to identify the place value of a single digit in a number. 
2. Complete worksheet on place value with 80% accuracy.

Introductory Activities

Teacher will review concept of place value. Teacher will explain rules to place value bingo.  Rules are as follows: 1. Listen when number is being called out. 2. Each student will draw a number card and read it aloud. After reading the number aloud they will call out each digit and what place it is in. (ex. one hundred seventeen, one in the hundreds place,  one in the tens place, and seven in the ones place) 3. Place markers over digits in correct columns.

Developmental Activities

Play Place Value Bingo: 
Students will take turns drawing a card from pile.  All players will cover digits in the correct place value column as they are called out.  Once a player has five digits in a row covered the class checks them and if all the digits have been called that player wins. Five digits in a row can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.  

Culminating Activities

Students will complete place value worksheet.



Worksheet must be finished with 80% accuracy.  

Alternate Activities

Students will practice writing numbers in expanded form.



Teacher will assist disabled students.



Cards with numbers on them, bingo cards, bingo  place markers, place value worksheet.



Self-Evaluation of lesson

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