by melanie dean

Organ Systems


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date:      02-06-2005

Subject:    Science

Grade Level:     3RD

Signature of Classroom Teacher:



> Sorting and classifying



The students will be able to describe, name, and tell what makes up an organ system.

Introductory Activities

1.Students will be shown pictures of various organ systems. 

2.The students will be told what makes up an organ system.

3. The students will be given examples of different kinds of organ systems and what function each organ system helps the body to complete. 

Developmental Activities

The students will be shown pictures of various organ systems. They will be told what makes up an organ system. The students will learn how each organ systems help the body function.

Culminating Activities

The students will be given a worksheet. The worksheet requires them to label various organ systems and tell what function they help the body do. The students will be given a second worksheet with an organ system on it that they have to color and label what type of organ system it is.




The students will be asked questions to see that they understand the material that has been covered. When the material has been successfully reviewed the students wil be given a small pop-quiz where they have to pick out the organ systems and label what type of organ system it is. There will be examples of non-organ systems mixed in with the organ systems that they have to choose from.  

Alternate Activities

The students will go on the internet and look for pictures of organ systems that have a description of that organ system with it.



There will be some students in the class that will not finish as fast as the other students, maybe because of mental or physical disabilities, so there will be extra time at the end of the day that they can finish their work.


We will need computers with internet access. They will need a list of websites that they can visit to get the information that they are looking for. They will need paper, pencil, and crayons or color pencils. Handouts with pictures of organ systems and non-organ systems will be needed. 


Self-Evaluation of lesson

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