by Bia Bernum

Informative Speeches

Informative Speeches

Informative Speeches

Public Speaking: From Average to Awesome -- a five-minute video reviewing the basics we covered in class!


To help you improve your organizational, critical thinking, and presentational skills you'll present two Informative Speeches:

(1) Rehearsal: Informative Speech

(2) Final Version: Informative Speech

You must be on time for class to receive credit for your speech. Because of time constraints, I lock the door when class is scheduled to begin. I encourage you to come to class early. Attached below is a Speech Checklist that is similar to the grading rubric I use. Please refer to it as you plan your speech.

You will be assigned a day/group number (#1-#5). Please review the schedule to determine which day you give your speech. You will critique the following class period (with the exception of #5...who critiques on Day One).

Both Speeches:

1. OUTLINE: You must turn in ONE COPY of your outline to me BEFORE you speak.  See the link to the left for a sample of correct format.  This is a simple, basic outline. The outline must (have):

a) a complete purpose statement at the top of the outline (all four -- not just the thesis)

b) an introduction and conclusion written out

c) preview, review, and transitions underlined

d) be written in complete sentences

e) sources (that you cite) indicated in the body of the outline (author’s last name, date) in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. (Please note that sources of pictures are NOT included the Reference page).

f) references at the end (you must use proper APA bibliography style).

g) be TYPED and STAPLED. I will not accept late outlines. The outline must be in COMPLETE SENTENCES! 

2. SOURCES:  You must use SIX reputable, reliable, current sources.  These must be experts  -- received specialized training in that topic.  You must cite four of these sources in the body of your speech - this is in addition to the one in the introductionNo more than HALF of your sources may be from websites.  Click here for suggestions on citing sources within a speech. 

3. TIME:  Your speech must be between 4:00 and 6:00 minutes. Points will be deducted otherwise. 

4. ORGANIZATION: Your speech must be organized in to 3 to 4 main points, so select an appropriate organizational pattern (Key word)

5. DELIVERY:  You will be graded on delivery. Please do not read your speech.

6. VISUAL AID:  You must use at least one visual aid.

7. TOPIC APPROVAL FORM (TAF) :  Staple your approved Topic Approval Form (TAF) to your outline in this order: TAF on top. Outline behind it.

8. You will also receive credit for critiquing your classmates' speeches. You must be in class on your assigned day to receive credit.


Final Version:

Staple in this order:  (on top) new/updated version of your outline then....your first speech: (1) outline, (2) TAF, and (3) my completed grade sheet. You do not need to turn in the note card critiques.