by Sheree Self

Compound subjects and compund predicates

About This Lesson


This unit addresses identifying sentences as compund subject or compund predicate.

Topics included are simple subjects, compund subjects, simple predicates and compund predicates .

Instruction should include: 
determining students prior knowledge
relating subject to real life
practice with the subject by using group work and indepepdent work

This can be accomplished by defining the words, giving several examples, and making a scavenger hunt out of the terms by idnetifying senetnces.

In order to demonstrate mastery the students will complete a teacher made worksheet.

To assure that this unit is taught with appropriate emphasis, dept and rigor, it is important that the tasks listed under "Evidence of Learning" be reviewed early in the planning process.  A variety of resources should be utilized to supplement, but not completely replace, the textbook.  Textbooks not only provide much needed content information, but excellent learning activities as well.  The tasks in these units illustrate the type of learning activities that should be utilized from a variety of sources.