by Angie Steedley

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Artifact 1 - Standard VI: Professionalism


Classroom Management Outline

SEEC 3400
Dr. Shirley Thompson
Spring 2006

I will use this article to be my guide when I begin to teach in the classroom.  
It will help me remain focused on insuring that all of my students have an environment in which they can learn.


VI-D.  Accomplished teachers systematically reflect on teaching and learning to improve their own practice.


VI-E.  Accomplished teachers seek opportunities to learn based upon reflection, input from others, and career goals.

This outline will provide insight into my own teaching and classroom management style so that I will be in a constant state of growth and development. 


This article provides a means of self-assessment for me so that I can be sure that my students receive the highest quality of education that I can provide.  I addresses many of the small details whose attention can provide positive behavior support that supercedes the need for much other classroom intervention.


I haven't yet applied this rubric in a real classroom situation, but will do so later this week and provide greater reflective insight at that time. :)


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