by Katie Plott

Duck For President



Understand the concept of story.
...Applying mental operations involved in comprehension. Example: make inferences, relate to prior experience, recognize cause and effect, draw conclusions
Read material across the curriculum by applying appropriate strategies.
...Responding to comprehension questions. Example: inferences, generalizations, cause and effect, details, appropriate conclusions, outcomes


Introduction to Lesson Plan

Date:      08-24-05

Subject:    Language Arts & Reading

Grade Level:      2nd

Signature of Classroom Teacher:



Given the book Duck forPresident ,the students will create a story board of the book's main events with 95% accuracy.

Introductory Activities

Review what the main event of the story is. The students will first read the book Duck for President.

Developmental Activities

As a class we will discuss key points from the book as well as new vocabulary.  We will also practice picking out main events of stories.

Culminating Activities

The students will create a story board of the story's main events.



The story board will be evaluated. They must have included all of the key events in order that they occured in the story. 

Alternate Activities



Student's with a learning disability may need help reading the book. They may also have trouble following and comprehending the story. I will help them read the book as well as lead them in the right direction to comprehending the story. I will ask comprehension based questions on their level that will indicate to me thier understanding of the book and main events. 


We will need the book Duck for President  and a story board sheet.


Self-Evaluation of lesson

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