LTAC17 Session Spotlight…Meet a Featured Keynote!

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Session Spotlight: Meet a Featured Keynote

Horacio-SanchezMr. Horacio Sanchez is the President/CEO of Resiliency Inc., an organization that applies brain-based science and best practice research to a framework that helps agencies learn how to accomplish reform and to implement it in order to achieve identified goals and outcomes.

Horacio has utilized his training as an educator and clinician toward the education and treatment of children with severe emotional disorders. The Maladaptive Council (Academy of Science) recognizes him as a leading authority in emotional disorders and resiliency. His approaches are not only based on sound scientific research but have been the foundations of his award winning mental health and educational programs. Horacio Sanchez has been a teacher, school administrator, Mental Health Director and Consultant to the Department of Education in NC, PA, and other states. Horacio’s diverse education and background has helped him to merge research, science, and practice. His new book, A Brain-Based Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap, provides a blueprint to help school districts close the achievement gap.

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Keynote Session:

Promoting Student Success

Self-regulation is the one mental process that overrides obstacles that hinder planning, attention, learning, memory, and the coping skills required for students to achieve immediate goals and obtain long-term success. Without the skill to self-regulate, students will succumb to the whim of every thought, distraction, emotion, and desire. The lack of self-regulation is the root of many of the behavioral and academic issues education faces today. The development of self-control enables students to transcend life’s obstacles and engage in new skills that promote academic success (Inzlicht, Bartholow, & Hirsh, 2015). Therefore, educators need to know how to promote self-regulation in order to maximize student achievement. In this session, we’ll learn the key steps identified by neuroscience to promote self-regulation. The steps identified in the research have been found to help students placed at-risk by life’s circumstances to experience life success.

Concurrent Session:

Understanding the Male and Female Brain

Unique structural differences between the male and female brain begin to explain why boys and girls see, feel, and respond to experiences so differently. These structural differences illustrate that the brains of males and females can experience the same event and yet have very different perceptions and reactions. It is now believed that male students and female students learn, communicate and even feel differently. The conclusion that neuroscience has reached is that every person needs to possess a working understanding of how the male and female brain process. This improved understanding can help improve discipline, instruction, and relationship building.

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