Not your Grandmother’s Assessment System…

7 Reasons to Reassess your Assessment System

The complexities of delivering education is increasing. From traditional brick and mortar and distance education, to competency-based education, prior-learning, micro credentialing, badging, and co-curricular assessment, to ERG initiatives, LiveText understands that telling your institution’s story goes beyond assessment for compliance.

With nearly 20 years of experience, LiveText has purposefully designed its solutions so that you can better create, engage, track, and measure all types of academic as well as non-academic learning experiences. From traditional academic SLO assessment to student life and community engagement, LiveText’s highly configurable platform allows you to look at learning holistically in real time and make real changes to impact at-risk students. If you can demonstrate doing this, then you can meet compliance needs too.

So I challenge you to take a look at your current assessment system…If you can’t do all of the following with your technology, it might be high time to reassess your assessment system!

Can you:

  1. Organize learners flexibly by creating assessments outside the confines of traditional courses
  2. Offer instructors powerful template design tools to create interactive and customizable assignments
  3. Connect outcomes to any learning activities or assessment measures within an activity
  4. Support your institution’s philosophy for assessment and use existing processes because your assessment technology is adaptable and includes multiple assessment workflows, such as peer, coordinated and observational assessments within the same group of learners
  5. Aggregate evidence from rubrics, tests, and quizzes into a single report to show learners who are/are not meeting a particular learning outcomes
  6. Provide your learners with the ability to design Showcases that can be curated on the fly from an active Timeline, which shows in real time a learner’s past work, current work, and plans for the future
  7. Simplify and reduce the number of clicks for your faculty and students so that they can access your assessment system with the same login they use for other campus systems

If you’re still only able to align learning outcomes and standards to rubrics, contact us and we’ll show you how to take your use of assessment technology to a whole new level by capturing evidence of learning at every level. Request your personal demonstration today and learn what’s possible.

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