Speaker Spotlight: A Personal Perspective on LiveText’s Assessment Conference


In the summer of 2002, LiveText hosted its first annual assessment conference. At that time, my institution was considering adopting LiveText so I attended the conference with a primary goal of getting some early clients’ input regarding both the technology and the company itself. I recall a total conference attendance of about 35 people and perhaps 7 or 8 LiveText employees, and I left with a clear picture that the company’s clients had very high regard for both the technology and the quality of customer service.

That experience contributed greatly to my institution’s adoption of LiveText. It also solidified my determination to make this annual conference a regular component of my personal professional development. I have attended every LiveText Annual Assessment Conference since that very first event, and I have found that every year has proven to be an invaluable opportunity for collaboration and professional development. As the company has grown, so has the scope and focus of the conference.  While the early years primarily targeted the educator preparation profession, the scope of the conference has expanded considerably over the past several years, and now is more broadly focused on assessment throughout the full spectrum of higher education.

I can’t begin to count the number of incredibly informative sessions I have attended over the past 14 years. Every year, LiveText attracts some of the most highly regarded leaders and researchers in education as featured speakers. Concurrent sessions offer opportunities that meet the varied needs of all attendees and serve as a model in professional collaboration. What’s important to know about LiveText’s Conference is that you do not have to be a LiveText user to gain valuable insight on best practices in assessment—a topic that is increasingly important for all educational professionals.

The Conference also offers both dedicated training sessions and highly flexible, interactive, hands-on work rooms that provide conference attendees with opportunities to enhance their assessment practices, hone their LiveText skills, and learn how to expand their use of the wide array of LiveText tools available. LiveText also provides attendees with a look at planned enhancements of their technology, including next-generation software. Integral to those sessions, and throughout the conference, attendees have ample opportunity to provide user (and potential user) feedback to LiveText to help inform ongoing product development. I have consistently found this conference to be the most relevant and valuable professional development opportunity available, and I have always left the conference with new knowledge and new skills that I could put to immediate use on the job.

Attendees can also look forward to a couple of very special evening events that are designed to entertain and to provide further opportunities for collegiality and collaboration. Simply stated, the annual LiveText Assessment Conference is a not-to-be-missed event for anyone who wants to keep pace with the rapidly evolving arena of assessment in higher education while expanding their collaborative network.

1a87727This will be my 15th consecutive year of benefiting from this amazing event. Won’t you join me?

Written by: Dr. Lance Tomei, (retired) Director of Assessment, Accreditation & Data Management, University of Central Florida


Dr. Tomei is a featured workshop and concurrent session presenter at this year’s Conference. He will present topics on developing high-quality rubrics and fulfilling CAEP accreditation expectations.

To learn more about this year’s Conference, visit www.livetextconference.com. Hear what your peers are saying  about the LiveText Conference… click here.