Top 5 Challenges in Improving College and University Assessment

AIS Screenshot Choosing meaningful assessments to  support your institution’s goals is an  important step toward driving  measurable change in student  outcomes.

We’ve been fortunate to work with colleges and universities to implement our  Assessment Insight System™ (AIS™) in order to do just that. We’ve assisted our  partner institutions to identify and remove a number of barriers, better positioning  them for improved student outcomes and greater efficiency in meeting external  pressures and requirements.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, LiveText will host a free webinar at 12pm CT to discuss solutions to these challenges. The format of the webinar will also provide a forum for you to share obstacles that are unique to your institution and ask questions.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of the five most common assessment challenges our clients have experienced and thoughts on how to solve them. During the webinar, you will see how AIS™ was designed to addresses these very challenges.

  1. Time – There never seems to be enough of it. Preparing reports is an enormous investment in time and resources, especially when you lack the proper tools to provide the information stakeholders and accreditors are asking for. The right assessment tool can help reduce manual collection of information and produce reports in real time.
  2. Flexibility – Who wants to call the IT department for coding support when you just want to add a few simple questions or new requirements of documentation? Most home-grown or off-the-shelf systems lack flexibility to address a college or university’s existing workflows and vision. Institutional effectiveness professionals need to be able to easily adapt their software solutions to their terminology, workflows and evolving reporting needs.
  3. Cost – The upfront and ongoing maintenance costs of off-the-shelf systems can be hard to stomach. Deciding to pull the plug on an existing system, even if it’s burdensome and expensive to maintain, is often a controversial step. But in the long run, you know your institution would be better served by a system with lower ongoing costs if that system had the kind of functionality that helped you get the job done and promote effective practices.
  4. Engagement – What good is a system if the processes for the faculty members using it are a complete departure from their regular work? The right system needs to minimize time spent collecting information and maximize time spent analyzing and learning from that data.
  5. Change Management – Sometimes, the mere thought of change is uncomfortable and not everyone is ready to make changes to their processes and curriculum. The system you choose should spell out steps and timelines, based on campus experience, for smooth implementation and migration. It should also be backed by an experienced team to guide you through the process successfully.

Watch a short snippet of our Assessment Insight System:

Ida Asner

 Written By: Ida Asner; Ida serves as Director, Consulting Services at  LiveText. She regularly works directly with Provosts, Vice Presidents,  Deans and other college and university administrators across the U.S.,  helping them improve learning through meaningful feedback, analysis and reflection.

P.S. Join LiveText on Tuesday, March 1 at 12pm CT to join the webinar and view a demonstration of our Assessment Insight System™ during which you’ll see how it’s helping colleges and universities set goals, assess progress, and evaluate and strengthen the quality of their institutional and program goals.